Carlson Law Office, LLC

Carlson Law Office, LLC

We help you and your family avoid unnecessary expenses, anxiety and problems when mental incapacity or death occurs by guiding you to the best will or trust plan for you. A customized estate plan helps you protect you, your family, assets and dignity

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We provide will and trust services (estate planning) for all ages and situations. Without proper estate planning, you can leave your family with a mess. Unexpected events can happen at any time to anyone. I want to make a positive difference in people's lives. My mission is to encourage and help people and their families to be prepared in advance if a tragedy were to strike because of a car accident, fall, stroke, illness or death. I have lifetime mental disability and asset transfer planning at death. The vision of the Carlson Law Office is to provide estate planning strategies and solutions tailored to meet your goals and needs. My mission as an attorney is to: (1) Help you learn what you need to know about what happens to your family if you are incapacitated or when you pass away. This way, you can set your family's course intelligently, knowingly and purposefully; (2) Provide a planning process developed from years of experience in estate planning aw; (3) Treat you in a friendly and professional manner; (4) Help you identify your important goals and the legacy you want to leave behind; (5) Provide you with intelligent, strategic, creative, and practical choices to empower you to make informed decisions about leaving your legacy; (6) Provide you with quality, customized, and comprehensive estate planning solutions to meet the needs of you and your family; and (7) Help you design and implement the best plan to achieve your vision and goals while reducing or eliminating your concerns. This way, you can enjoy more freedom, confidence and peace of mind in your day-to-day life.

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All will and trust services are provided at competitive and reasonable fixed fees based on the Northern Colorado marketplace.

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Hourly rates are not charged for standard services.

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Estate Planning

We help you and your family avoid unnecessary expenses, anxiety and problems when mental incapacity or death occurs by guiding you to the best will or trust plan for you. A customized estate plan can help you protect you, your family and your assets.

It's all about creating legally-enforceable, carefully drafted, and thoughtfully designed documents that support your plan and do what you really want. Professionally prepared estate planning is worth every penny, making your lifetime disability situation and the process following your death easier and less expensive for your loved ones. It's important that your estate plan and the related documents are carefully prepared to meet your goals, circumstances, and needs. One size doesn't fit all. While thorough estate planning specifically tailored to you is more expensive, poorly done or incomplete planning is often pricier down the road. Such planning can cost your loved ones more money than the price of professionally prepared planning, as well as less unnecessary time and emotional drain after your death. When we meet, we will discuss the following estate planning options and decide which one will work best for you: Wills, Trusts, Beneficiary Designations, and Planning for Minor or Adult Children, as well as other related services.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

“WHAT BENEFITS DO CLIENTS RECEIVE WHEN THEY ASK MARC TO HELP THEM WITH THEIR WILL OR TRUST PLANNING?” We help you and your family avoid unnecessary expenses, anxiety and problems when mental incapacity or death occurs by guiding you to the best will or trust plan for you. A customized estate plan helps you protect your family, assets, money and dignity - making life easier for you and your loved ones by eliminating court action and reducing financial and emotional stress. “HOW DOES MARC HELP YOU FIX YOUR ESTATE PLANNING PROBLEMS?” If you love someone and want to provide for them, then Marc shares quality time with you to help you become better educated about 10 vitally important tasks: (1) Learn the rules of the game so you have the best chance of avoiding future trouble. (2) Learn how to avoid leaving your family with a financial and emotional mess. (3) Learn the pros and cons of will and trust planning. (4) Learn the choices you have for estate planning. (5) Plan for your mental or physical incapacity if you can’t handle your financial affairs. (6) Plan for distribution of assets to whom you want, when you want and how you want. (7) Protect your minor or adult children. (8) “Fund” your assets with correct titles, ownership, and beneficiary designations. (9) Learn how to handle the problems with a financial power of attorney in order to avoid conservator court. (10) Obtain professionally drafted legal, educational, and instructional documents so you have solutions to solve your estate planning problems. “WHAT IS MARC’S ROLE AND THE CLIENT’S ROLE IN THE ESTATE PLANNING PROCESS?” Marc’s role is to guide you so you, as the decision-maker, can make intelligent decisions about: (1) solving your estate planning problems; (2) implementing the best will or trust plan to protect you and your spouse with lifetime mental incapacity planning; and (3) protecting your family with asset transfer planning when you pass so they receive your assets when you want and how you want in a way that benefits them. “WHAT ESTATE PLANNING PROBLEMS NEED TO BE FIXED?” Each of us has problems we need to fix. In the estate planning field, problems left unfixed result in adverse consequences for you and your family in terms of time, hassle, stress, money and court actions. The good news is there are solutions Marc can help you to obtain. Here are just some of the significant problems: 1. Mental Incapacity/Health Care/Coma: Have you formally designated an acceptable agent to deal with your medical conditions if you are unable to make those decisions for yourself? 2. Conservatorship Court: Have you taken the necessary steps to avoid the expense, legal fees, hassle, and delay of “conservator” court, where the judge appoints an agent for you to handle your financial affairs if you can’t. 3. Probate Court: Have you taken the necessary steps so your family can avoid the expense, legal fees, hassle, and delay of the court action known as “probate” after you pass away. 4. Public vs. Private: Have you taken action so that your personal and family information does not become public at death or upon disability? 5. Minor Children to Social Services: Have you taken the proper steps to prevent the government social services department from picking up your minor children if you (as a single individual) or you and your spouse are hospitalized from a car accident? 6. Financial Power of Attorney May Not Be Accepted: Are you aware of the problems with a financial power of attorney that could prevent it from being accepted by one or more third parties, such as banks, credit unions, motor vehicle departments, investment companies and IRA custodians? 7. Problems with Joint Tenancy: Do you know the circumstances that can cause joint tenancy ownership of real property to be detrimental to you and your family? 8. Unintentionally Disinherit Children: Have you taken steps to avoid unintentionally disinheriting your children? 9. Protection from Creditors and Predators: Have you taken the necessary steps to protect assets you will leave to your children from their creditors and predators? 10. Manage Money/Assets for Minor Children: Have you taken the necessary steps to make sure a person acceptable to you will manage the money and assets you end up leaving to your minor children, rather than having a judge choose who will manage their money and assets? 11. Manage Money/Assets for Younger Adult Children: Have you set up an estate plan that will prevent your adult child from blowing through his or her inheritance before he or she becomes more financially mature? 12. Child’s Spouse: Do you want your adult child’s spouse to inherit and use money you leave to your child, or do you want your grandchildren to inherit it?

Marc Carlson

Carlson Law Office, LLC

In helping my clients, and as a former educator, I've learned the importance of being an effective communicator, an active listener, and a compassionate advisor. My private law practice focuses on helping clients to protect themselves with lifetime disability planning and asset transfer planning.

My wife, Donna, and I have been married since 1970, and we have a son, a daughter and 7 wonderful grandchildren. We have lived in Longmont, Colorado since 1972. When I'm not helping folks with their Will or Trust planning, I spend my free time with my family, golfing, traveling, reading, watching movies, and participating in church activities.

Unexpected bad things can happen at any time even to the best of people. My mission is to encourage and help people and their families to be prepared in the event that a tragedy were to strike. Car accidents, a fall, dementia and other illnesses, or death can happen out of nowhere. Without proper planning, you can leave your family with a financial mess.


I've unfortunately seen first-hand what happens when folks are not prepared with proper lifetime mental disability planning or death planning. My wife and I have helped take care of an elderly lady for more than 10 years after she suffered a stroke watching the September 11 coverage of the horrific events from that day. She suffers from short-term memory loss. Another client suffered a debilitating stroke at just 54, but because he had no planning, an expensive and emotional conservatorship court action was required to handle his financial affairs.

However, taking steps while you're younger can make all the difference. Our next door neighbor suffered from dementia. She was prepared, and her disability trustee was able to take care of her and her financial affairs without court intervention and in private. My brother, although seriously ill with cancer, has his estate planning in order so his adult children will receive their inheritances under the terms he wants.


I want clients to be informed, select the family protection plan they want, and understand the plan they choose. When clients choose to work with me on their wills and trusts, I ensure each one receives quality of service, counseling, advice, comprehensive documents, and overall value with a reasonable fixed fee. Prospective clients may schedule an informative and educational first meeting called the "Estate Planning Analysis Consultation". At this consultation, I teach them about the pros and cons of wills and trusts and give them an introductory analysis of their own estate situation. The charge for this consultation is $150, which amount is credited toward the final fixed fee if the person or couple decides to have me help them complete their estate planning.

I seek to help clients feel comfortable with an easy style of communication and take the necessary time to explain a client's choices and options in an understandable way. I answer questions and don't make clients feel rushed to make important decisions. I also continue my own education about estate planning to increase my knowledge and professionalism.

It's a joy to have satisfied and happy clients who are now prepared. I would consider it a privilege to help you and your family do the same. Contact me today, and I'll promptly return your phone call or email within 24 hours.

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