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With 35 years of experience, Aaronson law firm represents persons struggling with the entire spectrum of traffic issues. We offer competent and courteous help with traffic citations, traffic warrants, drivers license issues to include license suspensions, occupational driver's licenses (for those persons whose driving privileges has been suspended, revoked canceled or disqualified), Removing surcharges and points from your driving record, maintaining level insurance premiums and restoration of your good driving record. If you are unable to renew your registration or drivers license, we can resolve it for you.

Aaronson law firm offers representation in most counties throughout the state of Texas. We are dedicated to helping you restore a good driving record.

All consultations are free and we can give you a price quote over the telephone. Aaronson law firm does not believe you should be penalized because of simple driving mistakes - so we make sure you're not! Call today!

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When you need an El Paso DUI lawyer, trust the firm with over 35 years experience. Aaronson Law Firm has experience you need to understand your charges, know your rights, identify illegal police actions, & develop a case that fits your circumstances.

Driving under the influence is one of the most common crimes committed in the United States. Many drivers are tempted to take their charges lightly because they are so common. Chances are they know someone who has also had a conviction, and thus they do not believe it to be a big deal. In the 35 years we have been helping people through their drunk driving charges, we have found this not to be the case.

When you are convicted of this crime, you face the potential to lose your right to drive as well as the need to pay stiff fines. Community service and jail time are also possible, especially with subsequent offenses. Your insurance rates will also shoot up, and you may find it difficult to find adequate coverage. Some employers will refuse to hire those with a conviction on their records.

These are serious consequences. Without legal representation, you have no recourse and little hope of having your ticket dismissed. We have three convenient locations throughout the community and are fluent in both English and Spanish.

Free consultations mean there is nothing for you to lose when you contact us. The next time you need an El Paso DUI lawyer, trust the experienced team at Aaronson law firm. Call us today to schedule your complementary consultation.

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