Steven Koprince

Steven Koprince, a partner with Petefish, Immel, Heeb & Hird, LLP, focuses his legal practice on the representation of small businesses and government contractors.   Steven, a graduate of Duke University and the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary, is the author of The Small-Business Guide to Government Contracts, a book addressing key compliance challenges small government contractors face, and has spoken to audiences across the country on similar topics.   Steven publishes the SmallGovCon blog, which offers legal news and notes of interest to small government contractors, and is a guest contributor to Nolo’s Small Business Legal Blog and the GovCon Channel, a blog sponsored by the American Small Business Coalition.   Steven lives in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife and daughter.  

Articles By Steven Koprince

Federal Small Business Contract Eligibility: Is Your Business 'Small'?
Is your company eligible to bid on a federal government small business set-aside contract? In 2010, the federal government awarded nearly $100 billion in contracts to small businesses, so determining if your business is "small" for purposes of these procurements may be worth your while. The government does not have a one-size-fits-all policy for what constitutes a small business. Instead, the government determines size on a contract-by-contract basis. In some cases, a company with 1,000 employees may be small while, in others, a firm with less than $1 million in annual revenues might be too large to receive a set-aside contract.
Restrictions on Gifts to Federal Employees From Government Contractors
Gifts are commonplace in the commercial world. Many business deals are done over dinner at a five-star restaurant or in box seats at a Major League Baseball game. When holidays and birthdays come around, a business owner may send a bottle of wine or a fruit basket to a valued customer. But when your business's customer is the U.S. federal government, the gift rules are very different.