Shelly Garcia

Shelly Garcia is a veteran journalist and marketing professional who has worked with small- and mid-sized business owners for more than 25 years. As a journalist she had a front-row seat to the skills and strategies that successful business owners employ as well as the challenges they face. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Los Angeles Business Journal and Adweek magazine, among others.

Articles By Shelly Garcia

How to Pay Yourself As a Small Business Owner
Small business owners pay themselves using one of two methods.
What to Do If a Client Won't Pay
Sooner or later most independent business owners find themselves facing down a client who hasn’t paid up. Use this step-by-step method when clients don’t or won’t pay you.
Grants for Small Businesses
Learn about the types of grants available and how to apply for them.
Can You Start a Business with No Money?
Getting your business started with no money is easier for some businesses than for others.
Avoid Unlawful Advertising: Seven Rules for Your Business
When it comes to advertising, you must look beyond the letter of the law. The overall impression your advertising gives is just as important as the words you use.
How Much Does It Cost to Start a Small Business?
The cost to start a business can vary widely from one company to the next.
Do You Need a Physical Address for Your Small Business?
Using your home address for your business is free, but doing so has its drawbacks.
DMCA Takedown Notices: What They Are and How to Respond
How should you respond if you receive a DMCA takedown notice?
Business Owner's Policy for Small Business
A business owners’ insurance policy is a one-stop shop that all owners need.
Hazard Insurance for Small Businesses
Unless you have the money to replace all of your business property, and satisfy any judgments or settlements against you stemming from accidents or mistakes, you need “hazard” insurance.