Shelly Garcia

Shelly Garcia is a veteran journalist and marketing professional who has worked with small- and mid-sized business owners for more than 25 years. As a journalist she had a front-row seat to the skills and strategies that successful business owners employ as well as the challenges they face. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Los Angeles Business Journal and Adweek magazine, among others.

Articles By Shelly Garcia

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Learn how to fashion your clothing line into a business.
How to Start a Delivery Service
Learn about the different types of delivery services and how to start one.
Responding to a DMCA Takedown Notice
Ignore a DMCA takedown notice at your own peril.
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Just because an agreement isn’t written down doesn’t mean a contract doesn’t exist.
Understanding Broker Fees and Commission Agreements
Who pays the broker that helps you buy products and services? It all depends.
How to Check If Your Business Name is Available
Learn how to conduct a business name search in your state.
How to Draft a Letter Agreement or an MOU
You don’t always need a formal-looking contract or a lawyer to make a business agreement. But it’s a good idea to document your agreement, expectations, and each party’s responsibilities in writing, especially when a large sum of money is involved.
Avoid Unlawful Advertising: Seven Rules for Your Business
When it comes to advertising, you must look beyond the letter of the law. The overall impression your advertising gives is just as important as the words you use.
Are You Personally Liable for Your Business's Debts?
Learn the situations in which you can be held personally responsible for your business’s debts--and vice versa.
Corporations and S Corporations vs. LLCs
Both limited liability companies and corporations shield your personal assets from judgments and debts, but that’s where the similarity ends.