Nannette Dean

Attorney · Capital University Law School

Nannette Dean is the sole member of Dean Law Co., LLC, located in central Ohio. Her practice focuses on individual and small business debtor representation in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. She received her undergraduate degree from Boston University and her law degree from Capital University Law School in 1995. She graduated cum laude from both institutions. 

Articles By Nannette Dean

Will Bankruptcy Court Clear Court Fines?
Bankruptcy won't clear most court fines, traffic tickets, restitution orders, and government penalties. However, bankruptcy will eliminate some public assistance and welfare overpayments. Find out how filing for bankruptcy can help with court fines and other debts owed to government agencies.
The Differences Between a Charge Off and Repossession in Bankruptcy
How a charge off or repossession is handled in a bankruptcy depends on what the original debt was for, whether the debt was secured by collateral, and what type of bankruptcy is being filed. Regardless of whether it is a charge off or repossession, it is important to include the debt in any bankruptcy filing in order to obtain a discharge (eliminate) of the debt.