Leigh Segars

Attorney · University of Mississippi School of Law

Leigh Segars is a licensed attorney with extensive experience in research and writing. She provides legal research, writing, and editing services to attorneys, and previously worked as a staff attorney to state and federal judges.

Before attending law school at the University of Mississippi, Ms. Segars worked as a freelance writer creating copy for advertising agencies, writing magazine articles, and editing newsletters for businesses and non-profit organizations. She is an active member of the Florida Bar.

Articles By Leigh Segars

Timely Arrest: How Long the Police Have to Arrest Someone
Police officers are generally free to determine when to arrest someone; they need freedom to investigate the crime and collect evidence.
Taser Lawsuits Against the Police
Police officers are, of course, allowed to use reasonable force when arresting someone. When they use more force than is necessary to make an arrest, the arrestee might have a viable lawsuit for any resulting injuries.
Suing the Police for Emotional Distress
Anyone who has had a bad experience with the police—even one not resulting in physical injury—has probably wondered whether there is any remedy. Many want to know whether they can sue.
Amnesia: A Defense to Criminal Charges?
Criminal acts usually involve a mental state on the part of the defendant. Memory loss, though, does not affect one's mental state at the time of the crime.
What Is the "Necessity" Defense?
Occasionally, a person faces a situation that requires doing something illegal in order to prevent serious harm.
What is premeditated and deliberate conduct?
Most states require premeditation, and many also require deliberation, for a conviction of first-degree murder.
Evidence of Prior Convictions: Admissible Against Defendants Who Testify?
When any witness, including a defendant, testifies, his or her credibility is at issue. The fact-finder (either judge or jury) must decide whether and how much to believe the witness.