Leah Easterby

Leah Rush Easterby has been licensed to practice law since 2007. Leah has focused on legal writing in various practice areas, including topics like arbitration award enforcement, sovereign immunity, and the constitutionality of Texas’s hazing statute. Leah has worked primarily with personal injury plaintiffs and has also helped clients with estate planning, probate matters, and family law disputes.

While attending law school, Leah was Assistant Editor for South Texas Law Review and an active participant in appellate advocacy. In 2006, Leah was awarded a Scribes Legal Writing Award for her appellate brief on international law.

Leah is available for hire by law firms and individuals on a contract basis. Leah is admitted to practice in Texas state court, the Southern District of Texas, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Articles By Leah Easterby

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