Lauren Gearty

Attorney Lauren P. Gearty practices immigration law in Boston, Massachusetts. While in law school, Lauren served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Suffolk University Law Review.   Lauren received her B.A. in History summa cum laude from College of the Holy Cross.

Articles By Lauren Gearty

DACA Applicants: How to Qualify as "Currently In School"
DACA applicants must meet highly specific eligibility criteria, one of which is that they are either in school or have graduated from school (or are a veteran). Learn more here.
Voluntary Departure: What Happens If You Don't Leave the United States?
Ignoring an order of voluntary departure can bring the same penalties as an order of removal, and more.
Your Rights After a Grant of Convention Against Torture Protection or Withholding of Removal
Many people ask for what's called "withholding of removal" or protection under the United Nations Convention Against Torture (CAT) at the same time as they apply for asylum.
Why Request Voluntary Departure Instead of Removal?
If you have no hope of being allowed to remain in the U.S., but might want to return in the future, voluntary departure is a useful option.
Voluntary Departure: Who Is Eligible?
If you are unlikely to succeed in any defense against removal from the U.S., voluntary departure may at least allow you to leave (on your own) with reduced consequences for your future immigration chances.