Lauren Cusick

J.D. · New York University School of Law

Lauren Cusick has worked as a state public defender in Miami, Florida, and as a federal public defender in Sacramento and San Diego, California. She co-founded and taught the first year of the Federal Defender Clinic at McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento. She has taught federal criminal procedure to law students, criminal law to high school students, and constitutional law to college students. She has also taught English to Japanese professionals.  

Lauren received her J.D. from the New York University School of Law, where she was an editor for the NYU Review of Law and Social Change. She received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University, where she studied politics.

Articles By Lauren Cusick

Probation Search Conditions
The Fourth Amendment typically prevents police from searching someone’s body, belongings, or home without a warrant or probable cause. But it’s common for judges, as a condition of sentencing someone to probation, to require that the probationer agree to warrantless searches. Because this condition