Kiersten Jensen

J.D. · Rutgers School of Law

After graduating from Rutgers School of Law, Kiersten practiced criminal law as an Assistant Public Defender in Tampa Bay, Florida for several years. She represented hundreds of defendants and juvenile offenders who were facing misdemeanor and felony charges. She also spent a year practicing real estate law at a large private law firm.

Kiersten left the active practice of law after earning a Masters Degree in Public Administration to manage a social justice program at the University of South Florida. She remains a member of the Florida Bar Association.

Articles By Kiersten Jensen

Is motive required for a criminal offense?
Motive is the term used to explain why a person committed a crime. Motive is not the same as intent, which relates to whether the defendant purposely committed the act deemed criminal.
General Intent Crimes vs. Specific Intent Crimes
With the overwhelming majority of crimes, defendants must act intentionally—or at least recklessly—in order to be guilty.
Exceptions to Confidentiality of Juvenile Criminal Records
While many believe juvenile records are confidential, that is not always the case. The number of exceptions allowing access to juvenile records may surprise you.
Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunters
Many defendants who have been arrested secure their temporary release from jail by securing a bail bond and promising to show up back in court. If a defendant fails to show up, the bail bond agent has a couple of options to avoid having to ante up the entire bail amount. One option is to use a bounty hunter to find and bring the defendant back to court.