Jedediah Mannis

Attorney · Yale Law School

Before his retirement, the late Jedediah Mannis had more than 30 years of legal experience as a member of the Massachusetts Bar. His practice emphasized administrative, real estate, zoning, subdivision, and environmental law, with a special emphasis on limited development and land preservation.

Law practice. Mr. Mannis also did appellate work before the Massachusetts Appellate Court and had an active motions and administrative law practice. He appeared before planning boards, conservation commissions, and other municipal boards and agencies in over 30 towns. His clients included homeowners, citizen advocates, other individuals, small corporations, and general and limited partnerships.

Environmental contributions. Mr. Mannis also served for many years as the executive director of the Shelter Island Fund, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving forest land, wildlife habitats, wetlands, and other environmentally sensitive open space through the limited development of otherwise fully developable land.

Education and authorship. Mr. Mannis graduated from Yale Law School in 1969 and from the Harvard Divinity School in 2004. He is the author of Bound to be a Soldier: The Civil War Letters of James T. Miller, Biography of Rev. Joseph Tuckerman, Unitarian Universalist Biographical Dictionary, and Joseph Tuckerman and the Outdoor Church. He was an adjunct instructor in theology at the Boston University School of Theology.

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