Freelance Writing for Nolo: How It Works

Here's how the process works if you we approve you to write for Nolo.

Working With an Editor

You will work directly with the Nolo editor who oversees your subject area. The editor will assign you topics or work with you to come up with topics you’d like to write about. Depending on the practice area and assignment, the editor may also provide you with research materials. If you aren’t comfortable writing about an article topic, you’re free to reject the assignment.

You’ll receive assignments and submit final versions of your articles through Sequoia, our publishing platform. (You and your editor may work on preliminary drafts in Microsoft Word.) You’ll get an automated email when an editor sends an assignment your way.

When you submit an article, your editor will review it and either approve it or send it back with edits and comments. If your editor sends it back, you will work on the article further. Once the article is good to go, the editor will publish it on the designated site within the Nolo network.

Expect the editing process to take more time when you first start. It’s important that you learn our style, the level of detail we require, and how we organize content within articles. Once you get the hang of it, your work and your editor’s will move quicker.

More About the Articles

Individual consumers and small businesses are our audience. Your articles should use plain English to explain legal concepts and issues clearly and concisely. Articles usually run between 500 and 1,200 words.

How Much Time Do I Have to Write an Article?

Deadlines vary depending on the article and editor. In most instances, there’s no deadline. However, editors expect writers not to let assignments languish for weeks on end, and encourage writers to communicate about general availability. All in all, writers control their own schedules.

How Many Articles Do I Have to Write?

Because they’re paid on a per-article basis, writers get to determine how much content they’ll create. Editors generally expect at least a few articles per month per writer. Some freelancers devote much of their working time to this position, writing upwards of 20 articles each month.

Recognition gets millions of visitors per month, while many of the other Nolo network sites also see heavy traffic.

Your byline will appear at the end of each article you write. The byline will link to your profile on the Nolo website you are writing for. Your profile can link directly to your professional website(s).


Freelancers get paid by the article. The rate varies depending on the length and complexity of the article and the writer’s proficiency. Checks go out every two weeks.