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Nolo’s editorial department includes more than 15 legal editors, who all together have have more than 100 years’ experience turning legal jargon into plain English. Most of our editors gave up careers as practicing lawyers in favor of furthering Nolo’s mission: getting legal information into the hands of people who need it.

Nolo editors write and edit articles and books, develop legal forms, and create the legal content of Nolo software.

Articles By Editors of Nolo

Sample Gift Letter for Use When Also Taking Out a Home Loan
Your bank will require a written letter to prove that money gifted to you for a house purchase is in fact a gift, not a loan.
Sample Will
Here is an example of a will, including explanations of many will clauses.
As Sole Agent for My Mom's Durable Power of Attorney for Finances, Must I Report to My Brother?
Learn when you must report to your family members as part of a durable power of attorney.
To Make a Power of Attorney for My Mother, Do I Need Her Consent?
The question of how to obtain a power of attorney without consent is answered
What Is a Testamentary Special Needs Trust?
What is a testamentary special needs trust?
Wheelchair Ramps: Legal Requirements of Commercial Property Owners
The basics of the legal protections and requirements for wheelchair ramps.
Can the Agent of a Financial Power of Attorney Be Paid?
We are setting up a financial power of attorney for my mother, naming me as the agent. Can I be paid an hourly sum for my services, and can I participate in financial transactions that I conduct on my mother's behalf?
Naming More Than One Executor in Your Will
When you’re making your will, a big decision is who you choose to be your executor—the person who will oversee the probate of your estate.
Do I Need a Will If I Own Almost Nothing?
I'm a 30-year-old single woman and I don't have much to my name. I live in a rented apartment and have some meager savings. I have no children. Do I need to write a will?
How Do I Set up a Payable-On-Death Account?
How do I set up payable-on-death accounts for my bank accounts? If I establish pay-on-death for my accounts and I die, can the person I have designated on the account get access to my money right away, or is the money frozen?