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Articles By Editors of Nolo

When Children Can Immigrate to the U.S. With Their Parents as "Derivatives"
Here is when a spouse or child can take the derivative visa route to immigrate and when they cannot.
Retirement Plan FAQ
Quick answers to common questions about retirement plans, including 401(k) plans, IRAs, Keoghs and SEPs.
Chances of Winning a Grant of Asylum in the U.S.
Your asylum application will be decided based on your unique facts, evidence, and witness statements. Moreover, asylum officers and Immigration Judges have a certain amount of discretion, and your chances might vary depending on who gets assigned to your case.
How Your Naturalization Affects Your Child’s Application for a U.S. Green Card
Your child's application for permanent residence can either speed up or slow down as time goes by and two significant things possibly happen: you go from LPR to naturalized citizen, or your child turns 21.
What If My F-1 Student Status Expires Before USCIS Approves Me for H-1B Temporary Worker Status?
Bridging the gap: How the you can avoid falling out of legal immigration status between the end of your time on an F-1 and the beginning of your time on an H-1B.
What Happens During an Asylum Interview
What and who to bring to your interview at a U.S. Asylum Office, who you'll meet, and what will occur.
How to Make a Will
Here are the few simple steps you need to take to create your will.
What Is Probate?
You've heard that you should avoid probate—but why? Here are the basics.
Are You Getting All Your Florida Property Tax Breaks?
Make sure you're not paying more in Florida property taxes than you have to.
How to Remove an Inspection Contingency When You Buy a House
How to negotiate repairs that a house inspection turns up.