Denis Clifford

J.D. · Columbia Law School

Denis Clifford was a lawyer who firmly believed that many people can do their own legal work, particularly in estate planning. He authored several best-selling Nolo titles, including Plan Your Estate and Make Your Own Living Trust. He graduated from Columbia Law School in 1966 and practiced law in the Bay Area for many years. 

Articles By Denis Clifford

The Charitable Remainder Trust: Do Good and Get Tax Breaks
Give to charity and get a tax benefit.
Estate Tax: Will Your Estate Have to Pay?
Very few estates—only those larger than $13.61 million—might owe federal estate tax.
Tax-Saving AB Trusts
The federal government allows married couples to transfer over $23 million without incurring estate tax. To get the same benefit, unmarried couples need an AB trust.
Reduce Estate Tax by Making Gifts
Making gifts during your life can provide you with tax savings and more.