Dagmar R. Myslinska

Articles By Dagmar R. Myslinska

Rights and Available Benefits After a Grant of Asylum
After you receive your final approval of asylum, you can apply for certain immigration-related and other government benefits and services.
What Happens During an Asylum Interview
What and who to bring to your interview at a U.S. Asylum Office, who you'll meet, and what will occur.
Preparing Persuasive Documents for Your Asylum Application
A successful asylum application depends on submitting convincing documentation along with a Form I-589. What documents will carry the most weight?
Applying for a Refugee Travel Document
You can travel outside the U.S. as a refugee or asylee, but get a refugee travel document first.
What Will Happen at Your Master Calendar Hearing?
If your asylum claim ends up in removal proceedings, here's what to expect at the first (scheduling) hearing.
What a "Particular Social Group" Means for Asylum Purposes
The membership in a “particular social group” (“PSG”) asylum category is the most difficult of the five grounds to define, and the subject of many legal arguments. Learn more here.
How to Prepare for an Asylum Interview
Preparing not only for the questions, but for the emotional aspects of telling your story of persecution to the Asylum Officer.
How to Prepare an Affirmative Asylum Application
Details of how asylum-seekers in the U.S. who are not in removal proceedings should prepare their application.
Which Should I Apply for: Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and/or Protection Under Convention Against Torture?
If you are physically present in the U.S., and are applying for asylum, you should also apply for two alternative forms of relief if you fear persecution or torture in your country of origin.
How to Apply for Convention Against Torture Protection
In case your asylum applicant is not granted, make sure to alert the authorities to any risk that you might be returned to a country where you'll be tortured.