Caleb Benadum

Attorney · University of Cincinnati College of Law

Caleb Benadum is a lawyer and works for the United Nations. He has practiced immigration law since January 2016, and specializes in refugee and asylum law, as well as international law. He holds law licenses in Ohio (currently inactive) and New York (in good standing). 

Caleb received his law degree in 2014 from the University of Cincinnati College of Law, where he was an Arthur Russell Fellow with the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights. He has lived in six countries on four continents and speaks three languages.

Articles By Caleb Benadum

Does a Prior Deportation Prevent Me From Applying for Asylum?
A prior deportation order is still valid when you attempt to enter the United States or if you have returned illegally, but it might be possible to reopen your case or obtain protection, for example under the Convention Against Torture.
Can You Petition Fiancé for K-1 Visa After Cancelling Previous Petitions?
What happens if a U.S. citizen cancels an I-129F petition for a foreign-born fiancé and then later meets someone new, and wants to file another such petition?
Can a Green Card Holder With a Criminal Conviction Travel Outside the U.S.?
What happens at the U.S. border when you try to return? Could your criminal conviction cause you any issues with reentry?
Can a Recovering Drug Addict Get a U.S. Visa or Green Card?
One condition of inadmissibility that can prevent someone from applying for a visa or a green card is when that person is, or has been, a drug addict or abuser.
What Happens If I Lie to a U.S. Immigration Officer?
While simple mistakes and misunderstandings will not normally cause any issues with your immigration application, deliberately lying to an immigration officer can have serious consequences.
Can I Sponsor a Refugee to Come to the United States?
Many Americans who are concerned about the plight of people fleeing violence or war in other parts of the world wonder whether they can individually sponsor a refugee. Unfortunately the news on this is not good.
Can My Church Apply for a U.S. Visa for Me to Work There?
To begin, talk to the pastor of your church and try to determine whether you would qualify for the R visa and whether the church is both qualified and willing to file on your behalf.