Broderick Perkins

Broderick Perkins is an award-winning consumer journalist with 30 years of experience. He is also the founder, publisher, and executive editor of the DeadlineNews Group, a contemporary digital news service that specializes in residential real estate and consumer news.

Articles By Broderick Perkins

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Save money when you sell your home by reducing your real estate agent's commission.
Mortgage Rate Locks: How They Work
When considering a mortgage rate lock, get the terms and time frame you need.
House Buying Strategies in a Down Market
When the housing market is slow, referred to as a "buyers' market," there are typically more houses for sale than buyers to purchase them. Anxious sellers may reduce their prices and offer concessions to lure buyers in. But prospective homebuyers should still proceed cautiously. To get the best deal, evaluate whether it is a good time to buy, learn the ins and outs of the market, and consider the pros and cons of buying a foreclosed home.
Seller Financing: How It Works in Home Sales
A useful tool in a tight credit market.
What "As Is" and Other Real Estate Marketing Terms Really Mean
Decoding the lingo: Be aware of misleading home sale marketing lingo and do your own research.