Brian Farkas

Brian Farkas is an associate attorney at Goetz Fitzpatrick LLP in New York, focusing his practice on commercial litigation, arbitration and intellectual property. Brian earned his B.A. from Vassar College and J.D. from Cardozo School of Law. In law school, he served as Editor-in-Chief of the  Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution and won the Andrew S. Zucker Award for Academic Excellence. His writing on arbitration and mediation has appeared in numerous publications, including the  New York County Lawyer,  Dispute Resolution Journal,  Resolutions Roundtable,  Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation, and the  Northeastern Law Journal.

Outside of the firm, he serves as a volunteer mediator through the New York Peace Institute. He teaches in Brooklyn Law School's Mediation Clinic, training students in Civil Court and Small Claims Court mediation.

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Articles By Brian Farkas

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