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Beth Ross is a freelance legal writer and editor and also an experienced attorney. She enjoys taking complex information, demystifying it and writing about the topic so that anyone can understand it. She writes and edits everything from legal documents, to web pages to advertising copy. She received her JD from UCLA School of Law, and her BA in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Beth has lived in Wisconsin, California and Colorado, and currently calls the state of Washington home. She loves to explore, travel and learn new things and spends her free time playing in the water, forests and mountains around the Puget Sound.  

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Steps homeowners can take if the HOA is falling down on the job of maintaining the property.
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Tax liens and lockouts and vandals, oh my!
What Happens If I Don't Pay the HOA Special Assessment?
As long as the HOA was acting within its powers, your nonpayment could potentially result in late fees, prohibition on use of common areas, and a lien on your property.
New Home Construction Defects in Georgia: Your Rights Against the Builder
Even new homes can have problems -- and the fault might lie with whoever constructed it.
Your Rights as a Virginia Homeowner Against a Seller Who Failed to Disclose a Defect
If you weren't told of an existing defect in the house you bought, the burden should not fall on your shoulders alone.
Hiring and Working with a Property Manager in an HOA
What HOA board members need to know before choosing a property management firm.
Can I Rent Out My House in a Community Governed by a Homeowners' Association?
Your homeowners’ association (HOA) may have strict rules and restrictions--or a flat-out prohibition--regarding rentals.
How High an HOA Association Can Raise Dues or Assessments
An HOA can typically raise dues as much as it needs to in order to meet its annual budget, with some exceptions.