United Employees Law Group, PC

United Employees Law Group, PC

State-wide, California employment law firm handles: unpaid wages, overtime violations, meal and rest break violations, unreimbursed expenses, wrongful termination, harassment, employment discrimination, failure to provide FMLA, and other matters.

Firm Overview

United Employees Law Group, PC is a premier California labor law firm, significantly experienced in the pursuit of California overtime pay, meals and breaks, reimbursable expenses and other related claims. In addition to wage claims, United Employees Law Group also represents clients who have suffered from harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination in the workplace.

Our firm has handled over 300 class action cases and more than 1000 individual cases with client awards in excess of $250,000,000. Unlike many law firms who approach cases the traditional way, United Employees Law Group has developed a cutting edge litigation approach that, in many instances, reduces the time it takes to bring cases to completion, and provides its clients with the optimal opportunity for maximum recovery of their claims.

An understanding of the labor laws unique to California, combined with the fact that in many instances, if the Employee prevails, the Employer must pay the Employee's legal fees, we believe, gives us an advantage. This approach gives the Employer an early incentive to settle the claims with our clients because as time passes and more work is required to pursue our clients' claims, the demand to the Employer may increase drastically.

We are passionate about protecting the rights of California employees and welcome you to contact our law offices for assistance with your labor matters.
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