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North Carolina collection lawsuits

Firm Overview

The Sessoms & Rogers, P.A. difference is that we provide comprehensive legal and collections services for our clients. We offer our clients a valuable debt-collection practice in accordance with the law-every step of the way.

We help clients take the initial steps to collect, taking the lead in notifications and formal demands. When a consumer does not respond, we can up the ante by taking the case to the North Carolina courts.

Preserving the integrity of your business
We understand that you rely on a solid reputation within the community to drive your business. That is why our attorneys do everything they can to preserve the integrity of your business during the debt-collection process.

We stand by the commitment to protect the most valuable areas of your business:

-Financial security
-Legal interests
-Public relations

Customer satisfaction is very important to us-yours and ours. We work very hard to preserve the vitality of customer relationships to protect your business interests now and in the future.

Legal help North Carolina businesses can depend on
Sessoms & Rogers, P.A. offers reliable counsel at a reasonable rate. We seek to streamline the debt-collection process with proactive efforts and dogged determination.

We commit to the kind of legal services that North Carolina businesses can depend on-honest, resourceful, and tough. Let Sessoms & Rogers, P.A. help you revive your business with a legal strategy to implement debt-collection efforts.
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North Carolina Collections Litigation
Sessoms & Rogers, P.A. focus their litigation practice on matters of retail collections in North Carolina. It is our goal to provide business clients with the legal support necessary to use the law to claim repayment.

Filing a debt collections lawsuit in North Carolina
Filing a lawsuit is often an end-of-the-line decision that businesses have to make. Valuable resources have been exhausted during debt collections efforts, and the loss incurred due to nonpayment begins to take its toll on business operations.

In these circumstances filing a lawsuit against a default consumer may be the best way to realign profit margins and keep your business running smoothly.

Sessoms & Rogers, P.A. assists business clients to make sure they are filing a lawsuit for the right reasons and it is a case they can potentially win:

-The consumer has assets to pay the debt
-The size of the debt is considerable
-Previous collection efforts have failed

The consumer is unresponsive to other repayment negotiation
Sessoms & Rogers, P.A. is here to keep your head above water during these difficult times. We value your business reputation just as much as you do and devote our services to help you analyze the risk associated with filing a debt collection lawsuit.

The advantage of North Carolina collections lawyers
There are many valid reasons a North Carolina business should take a default consumer to court. The most important being: the consumer has the resources to pay you back and is choosing not to do so.

The Sessoms & Rogers, P.A. advantage is that we are collections attorneys who can take your case one step further than a standard collections agency-to the North Carolina courts.

Our business is working with clients to implement debt collection efforts and following through with whatever legal actions are necessary. We are here with you every step of the way. We leave no questions unanswered and ensure that all collections practices are strategic and lawful.

Every business has the right to use the law to claim repayment. We can help you decide when enough is enough. Sessoms & Rogers, P.A. will stand up and protect your rights.

Lee C. Rogers

North Carolina collections lawyer-diplomatic and aggressive
Lee C. Rogers is an experienced collections attorney, who focuses his practice on helping his clients make the most of a difficult situation. He understands the tightrope businesses walk between preserving a positive reputation and getting consumers to pay their debts.

His takes a diplomatic and aggressive approach to find legal remedies to consumer issues:

-Compliance review
-Creditor's rights

Mr. Rogers has spent years refining the balance in his practice that allows him to implement legal strategies that aim to recover debt and minimize business liabilities. He takes the time to find a workable business solution that takes full advantage of a creditor's rights to collect their debts.

He is a staunch advocate for his clients' rights.

Admitted to Practice
-North Carolina Bar, 1982

-Juris Doctor, North Carolina Central University, 1982
-Bachelor of Arts, Duke University, 1977

Professional Affiliations
-Durham County Bar Association
-National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys

Guiding business clients to long-term solutions
Mr. Rogers commits to a practice that can really benefit his business clients. He seeks to build attorney/client relationships that are long-term partnerships.

He guides businesses through the strain of debt collection helping them emerge with a new strategy to proactively manage consumer liabilities in future transactions.

As the founding partner of Sessoms & Rogers, P.A. he works to help restore business integrity in the North Carolina community-both as a business lawyer and owner.
  • North Carolina Central University
    Juris Doctorate

Amber K. Kauffman

Admitted to Practice
-Texas, 2005
-U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas, 2007
-U.S. District Court, Southern District of Indiana, 2008
-North Carolina, 2009

-Juris Doctor, University of Houston Law Center, 2005
-Bachelor of Arts, Washington University, 2002

Professional Affiliations
-North Carolina Bar Association
-Durham County Bar Association
-Fourteenth Judicial District Bar
  • University of Houston Law Center
    Juris Doctorate

Mitchell Meyers

North Carolina collections lawyerdiplomatic and aggressive
Author: "A Defense of Unilateral or Multi-Lateral Intervention When Human Rights Violations Constitute an Implied Waiver of Sovereignty," ILSA Journal of Comparative and International Law, Spring 1997. Formerly with: Behar, Gutt & Glazer, P.A.

Mr.Meyers practices in the following areas:
-Creditor's rights
-Commerical Litigation
-Landlord and Tenant Disputes
-Lender Liability Defense

Admitted to Practice
-1998, Florida; 2001, North Carolina

-University of Florida, B.A., Political Science, 1993

Professional Affiliations
-Wake County Bar Association
-North Carolina State Bar.

Andrew Hoke

Admitted to Practice
-North Carolina Bar, 2012

-Juris Doctor, Elon University School of Law, 2012
-Bachelor of Arts, Furman University, 2009

Professional Affiliations
-Durham County Bar Association
-Wake Country Bar Association
  • Elon University School of Law
    Juris Doctorate

Jefferson A. Moores

Area of practice
-Creditors Rights

-JD, University of North Carolina, 2011
-BA, Brown University, 2004
  • University of North Carolina
    Juris Doctorate

Chelsea E. Uhlman

Area of practice
-Debt Collection

-JD, Charlotte School of Law, 2012
-BA, University of Denver, 2009
  • Charlotte School of Law
    Juris Doctorate