Law Office of Alena Shautsova

Law Office of Alena Shautsova

LAW OFFICE OF ALENA SHAUTSOVA is a boutique New York Immigration law firm that is focused on its clients' Immigration goals and interests. Our US immigration lawyers have helped hundreds of clients to achieve their dreams.

Firm Overview

New York Immigration and Employment Discrimination Attorney

New York Immigration attorney helping with adjustment of status, cancellation of removal for permanent residents, cancellation of removal for non-permanent residents; TPS status, EWI entry; Waiver of inadmissibility; I-601 waiver, I-212 waiver, missed TPS re-registration

Immigration attorney helping with green cards, appeals of denial of family petitions;

Immigration attorney US visiting detained by the ICE immigrants; helping with deportation and removal proceedings;

Attorney immigration US filing petition for review in Federal court;

Immigration attorney NYC helping with Immigration bond, Immigration hold, ICE, DHS, Immigration court
NY Immigration lawyer representing immigrants at the Master and Individual hearings

New York immigration lawyer helping with immigration deadlines, RFE, employment visas, tourist visas

Immigration attorney US helping with citizenship application, good moral character for citizenship, criminal convictions while applying for citizenship, arrests without convictions for citizenship, prostitution charges before citizenship application, DUI before citizenship application, shoplifting, assault, drug convictions, fraud convictions;

Russian speaking lawyer helping immigrants in the US

Brooklyn Immigration attorney helping immigrants with criminal convictions

NYC immigration lawyer serving immigrants with inadmissibility questions

Brooklyn lawyer helping conditional residents to remove conditions

NY immigration lawyers helping with VAWA petition, domestic violence victims, status based on VAWA cancellation of removal; adjustment of status based on VAWA;

Immigration lawyer ny helping abused women with no status, without legal entry

Russian speaking attorney US serving Brooklyn

New York Russian speaking attorney helping with I-485, I-130, affidavits of support, joint sponsors,

Federal court representation;

Discrimination of Immigrants at work; immigrants' rights, domestic workers rights; unpaid overtime; Federal lawsuits; minimum wage; sexual discrimination; sexual harassment; representation before the EEOC; representation before the New York State Division of Human Rights;

Drafted Proposed Rules of Conduct for Immigration Attorneys in New York (member of the Special Committee on Immigration Representation of the NYSBA)

ABA YLD District Representative of New York, 4th District

Co-chair of the NYSBA YLS Bridging the Gap 2013 program: the largest CLE class for young lawyers in NY

Chair of the ABA Section of International Law Section program during the 2012 Midyear meeting

Chair of NYSBA YLS CLE Program during the NYSBA Annual Meeting



the NOID

Notice of Intent to Deny

601 Waiver

212 Waiver

Cancellation of Removal

Overcoming Immigration challenges due to Criminal Convictions/record

Family-Based Immigration




Federal Litigation

Naturalization and Derivative Citizenship

Deportation and Removal Defense

Civil Rights

Employment Discrimination

Unpaid overtime

Unpaid minimum wage

Domestic workers abuse

Appeared in the New York Law Journal; the New York State Bar Association State Bar News, the Nassau County Bar Association News, the New York Magazine; Daily News; New York Post; the Huffington Post; NTV America; RNTV; Russian Radio 87.7

Bar Admissions
Admitted to practice law in the United States in 2008

Eastern District of New York -- 2010

Southern District of New York -- 2010

US Supreme Court -- 2012

The Belarusian State University, equivalent of Juris Doctor, 2004

Case Western Reserve University, School of Law, LL.M, 2006

The Trial Academy of the New York State Bar Association, 2011

Professional Associations & Memberships
Member of American Immigration Lawyers Association

Admitted to practice law in the United States in 2008

Member of the American Bar Association

Member of the New York State Bar Association

Member of the Nassau County Bar Association

Co-Liaison to the Section of International Law of the American Bar Association

2011-2013 American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division District Representative for the 4th District, New York

Member of the Special Committee on Immigration Representation of the New York State Bar Association

Coordinator of Disaster Legal Services for the State of New York under ABA YLD and FEMA contract

Co-Liaison from the Young Lawyers Section to The International Law Section of the New York State Bar Association

Honors and Awards
Edmund S. Muskie, 2005, Scholarship sponsored by US DOS
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New York Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova has helped clients from different countries (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Khazahstan, Pakistan, Moldova, Georgia, Uzbekistan) to recieve protection in the US and start their new lives in their dreamland.
The process of filing for political asylum begins with the submission of one's application and supporting documents with the USCIS office. After the application (USCIS form I-589) is received, the service will send the applicant a notice for a biometrics appointment and schedule a date for an interview. It is very important to be on time and prepared for the interview with an Asylum officer. The Asylum officer has an authority to approve one's application, and if the officer believes that there are grounds to do so, she will render the corresponding decision.

In many cases, however, the officer will refer the case to the Immigration Court. It does not mean that the application for political asylum in the USA has been denied. What it means is that it will be an Immigration Judge who will decide whether or not there are grounds for one's application for political asylum in the USA. The basis for seeking an asylum can be the following: race; political opinion; religion; nationality; membership in a particular social group.

After one's case is referred to the Immigration Court, he or she may face removal proceedings if, by the time the application was processed, one's immigration status, if there was one, had expired. In such a case, he or she will go through what is called "defensive asylum process." A request for political asylum in the USA will be a defense from one's removal. It must be noted, that the Immigration Judge considers the case "de novo": it means he or she is not bound by the findings of the USCIS Asylum office.

In the Immigration Court, one will have to go through a hearing, where the judge will listen to both sides of the case: the applicant's side and the government's side. It is extremely important to present your best case at this stage because it will determine whether or not the judge believes your story. One will give testimony, may present documents, witnesses and experts. It is important to remember that the "other" side, the government, who will try to prove that one is not eligible to any form of relief and must be removed from the United States, will be represented by a skillful and experienced attorney. To win one's case, one should also have an experienced and skillful lawyer who will fight for him or her. If you have questions about Asylum process, call Law Office of Alena Shautsova at 917-885-2261.
Deportation or Removal is a complicated and stressful process of forcing an immigrant to leave the US. It is important to have a skilled and creative attorney to assist you all the way and defend your dream to live in the US.
Removal or Deportation is typically started with an Immigration or ICE Hold.

An ICE hold is a document/order on forms I-247 or Form I-203 pursuant to which Federal or State facility should not release the person after the bail is placed or the person is released from the State or Federal custody, but should give the ICE 48 hours to assume the custody of the detainee. It must be noted that Federal law 8 CFR 287.7 states which officials can issue detainers.

In many sitations, a person is entitled to a BOND and be released from the ICE hold. Sometimes, the ICE makes a determination not to release the person, and than an attorney has to voice her request and argue that an immigrant deserves the release.

Sometimes the detainee has a court date already scheduled, in which case an attorney should bring two copies of the bond request with supporting documents to the Master hearing. Many times there is no court date scheduled, in which case an attorney should file the bond request with EOIR and also with DHS.
If you have immigration concerns, consult a skilled New York immigration lawyer at 917-885-2261 and find out about your options.
Green Card
To stay in the US is a dream of many. There are just very limited ways to accomplish it. They are: family, employment and investment immigration, asylum, VAWA, cancellation of removal and DV lottery. Plus there are special adjustments of status.
US Immigration Lawyer Alena Shautsova helps families to re-unite, and consults clients on the best ways to their green cards.


If a US citizen marries an immigrant, a US citizen can file a I-130 petition to ask the US government to grant a green card status to citizen's spouse. Also, a US citizen child may sponsor parents, and parents may sponsor their children. US citizens brother and sisters may bring their siblings as well. However, all family immigrants are divided into certain groups, and depending on a group, the time for the US government to grant the right to apply for a green card, differs.


In certain cases, a person who wishes to work in the US does not need an employer and may petition for himself/herself. Those are the cases of high skilled, educated employees who can demonstrate that the US government has a need in them.

In certain cases, an employer petition is required to initiate the process.


The US government has just launched a new online resource for foreign investors who wish to open and grow business in the US. The links and info are available on our blog

Generally, to receive a green card though investment, a person should be able to put at risk from $500,000 to a 1 million dollars, investing this money into the US economy.


Violence Against Women ACT provides an opportunity to self petition for a green card to certain women, parents and children related to the US citizens or permanent residents.


After a person is granted an asylum status in the US, he/she may apply for a green card after a 1 year of being in status.


Cancellation of removal can be provided to permanent residents and certain non-permanent residents under the INA section 240A.
US Citizenship
US Citizenship is a desired achievement for many. We help our clients to overcome challenges related to criminal convictions; fraud; lost documents. We also help children of the US citizens to receive US passports, even those born overseas.

Naturalization is a process of applying and receiving US citizenship after being a green card holder for 3 or 5 years depending on the basis of getting the green card. It may be easy, if there are no complications; but if there is an unexpected divorce or a criminal conviction, or a prior denial, it is best to have a lawyer to help you.


It is clear that a child born on the US territory is a US citizen. But, what if a child is born overseas but to the US citizens parents? Or, if only one parents is a US citizen? We help our clients to walk through the maze of Immigration laws to make sure their children will avoid difficulties in proving their citizenship.


Is a form of naturalization, but is much faster, as a person in active military service can receive their green card without having to wait for 5 years.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Law office of Alena Shautsova is a boutique US immigration New York law firm that is focused on its clients' immigration goals and interests. Our New York lawyers are dedicated to provide the best short and long term solutions to every unique situation. Although US Immigration laws are equal for everybody, each client's story is different.

Our US immigration lawyers recognize that, making every step with our clients towards their dream. Whether it is a family sponsored petition, or a multi-million dollar business US immigration project that we are working on every lawyer in our law firm is dedicated to pursue excellence, great customer service and corresponding results. The results we get for our clients are our best witnesses of the diligent work we do.

Flexible US Immigration Services
Our New York immigration lawyers speak your language! We connect with our clients the way they choose it at the time they choose it. You could benefit from our flexible payment options and a friendly, ready to serve you team of experienced New York attorneys to support your needs, including transportation and travel arrangements, document collection, translation and interpretations, apostile, notary public, and services in the countries overseas (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Israel, Brazil, Canada, Jamaica, China, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, India, Pakistan).

Law Firm That Will Fight For Your US Immigration Status
Shautsova's immigration lawyers will fight for your US immigration status; we fight for your dreamed entry Into the United States of America and ability to live without pressure of being deported; we take the worries regarding your US immigration status out of your life.

Long Term Immigration Solution
We provide long term solutions for your immigration challenges: tell us your goal and our experienced immigration lawyers will help you achieve it. We make the most complex US immigration problems easy for you!

Russian Speaking Lawyer in New York

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Alena Shautsova is the only Russian speaking attorney who is a member of the NYSBA Special Committee on Immigration Representation in New York. Alena Shautsova has a Superb ( the highest) rating on one of the most credible attorney ranking systems Over the course of her career Ms. Shautsova has handled over a hundred marriage petitions, appeals, adjustment of status applications, employment based petitions and waivers. She successfully represented clients at the asylum hearings and interviews; cancellation of removal hearings and marriage interviews.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Immigration Know-How And Fast Response
Our lawyers share their knowledge about immigration or the corresponding legal matter with our clients and help them to get acquainted with the US immigration process; we provide support in collecting the legal documents necessary for your immigration; we connect the clients with a network of specialists; always answer the phone or return a phone call within 2 hours; our New York lawyers are easy and fast to reach by email and text messengers; get prepared for the interviews and appearances by experienced lawyers, explaining you every step and stage of the US immigration process; our attorneys will provide regular updates on the cases and issues we work on.

Alena Shautsova

Alena Shautsova was admitted to practice law in the United States in 2008. She comes from Belarus where she graduated with honors from one of the most prestigious law schools in the former USSR. Following her graduation in Belarus, she entered the practice of business law while pursuing a second higher education degree in Economics and Management. Her native language is Russian.

In 2005 the US Department of State awarded Ms. Shautsova with a highly competitive Eduard S. Muskie scholarship that allowed her to obtain Master's Degree in Law from the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. After her graduation from the Case Western, Alena interned for the United Nation NGO Global Action on Aging in New York.

In 2007 Ms. Shautsova successfully sat for the New York bar examination. Currently, she focuses on Civil Law, Employment Discrimination, Immigration, Personal Injury and Class Actions. Ms. Shautsova is a member of New York State Bar Association and American Bar Association.
  • Bar Number: 4560207
    New York , 2008
  • Case Western Reserve University, School of Law
    Master of Laws , 2006
    In 2005 Ms. Shautsova was awarded a prestigious Edmund S. Muskie scholarship sponsored by the US Department of State that gave her an opportunity to advance her law degree in the United States.

* Nolo has confirmed that every member attorney has a valid license and is in good standing with the state agency that licenses lawyers. Any past disbarments and suspensions (with possible exceptions for minor violations or nonpayment of dues, in our discretion) will be indicated accordingly in the badge. Member attorneys are required to notify Nolo immediately if they become the subject of any disciplinary action by any state licensing agency.