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With training in psychology and marriage and family therapy, Kimberly is prepared to counsel her clients through tough transitions. As a collaborative attorney and family mediator, she seeks to ensure a respectful process that honors relationships. She recognizes how trying these transitions can be for everyone involved. To best represent her clients, she responds quickly, works efficiently, and communicates effectively with her clients. In addition, Kimberly provides comprehensive services, connecting clients with other professionals such as financial advisors, mental health professionals, and child specialists, to ensure the most complete representation.

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Kimberly Miller

Minneapolis divorce attorney Kimberly Miller is known for her ability to resolve challenging family issues without resort to aggressive legal strategies that are damaging to vital family relationships.

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Introduction to Family Dispute Resolution

Created On: 11/09/2011

Often, families find themselves struggling with issues that are difficult to work through but are not properly addressed in a court of law. Family Dispute Resolution is an innovative method which enables these families to seek the experience of a qualified professional in order to resolve these issues.