Kenneth L. LaBore d/b/a Guardian Legal Services, LLC

Kenneth L. LaBore d/b/a Guardian Legal Services, LLC

Attorney Kenneth L. LaBore is an elder abuse and neglect attorney who holds negligent caregivers accountable. Mr. LaBore handles cases of senior abuse and neglect in nursing homes, assisted living and other care facilities throughout Minnesota.

Firm Overview

Demand Accountability - Kenneth L. LaBore handles cases where seniors and other vulnerable adults are injured due to a failure to provide adequate care and supervision. Most of the cases we handle involve some form of preventable neglect or abuse. Mr. LaBore handles elder abuse and neglect cases throughout the state of Minnesota and has proven results.

Our goal is to hold negligent care providers and the corporations they work for accountable for the serious injuries and deaths of residents in their care. These residents are the most vulnerable people and our society and desire to be treated with extreme care and empathy.

When a caregiver and their employer fail to meet their legal obligations we hold work hard to determine not only what happened, such as a fall or the wrong medication was given, but why it happen, ... short staffing, poor training, etc. Whenever possible we work with the negligently care facility to improve their policies and procedures, training, etc., so people are not injured or die without changes being made to protect those that follow.

If you or a family member has been injured in a nursing home, assisted living or other care facility in Minnesota call attorney Kenneth L. LaBore for experienced advice on your rights and options. No fees are charged or due unless there is a recovery.
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Nursing Home
Attorney Kenneth L. LaBore from Guardian Legal Services, LLC is an attorney who has a dedication and passion for holding those who abuse or neglect accountable for their acts.

My firm goal is work toward the reduction of elder abuse and neglect.
Kenneth L. LaBore is an attorney who works with several other quality attorneys depending on the issues. My practice is focused on taking significant injury and wrongful death cases and handling them with a focus and the client and their family.

Ken's goal is to carefully gather the particular documents specific for each type of case, and review them with the help of expert opinions from qualified nurses, doctors, therapist, and specialist in the related field. The goal is to find out how the system was allowed to break down and lead to a very serious injury and or death.

Most situations of elder abuse and neglect are due to some form or preventable event or pattern at the nursing or care facility. Injuries and death occur from many preventable causes, such as lack of staffing, lack of training, poor medical quality or used medical equipment such as lifts and beds.

The most common forms of serious abuse and neglect in nursing homes and other care facilities happened suddenly such as falls, and some medication errors, others occurs slowly over days or weeks such as pressure sores, dehydration, malnurishment and infectious disease policies.


Kenneth L. LaBore has helped hundreds of injured residents and their families deal with issues of medical malpractice and abuse and neglect in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, housing with services, hospitals, and many other situations.

The following is an example of some related nursing home abuse and neglect statutes.

To participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, nursing homes must be in compliance with the federal requirements for long term care facilities as prescribed in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (42 CFR Part 483).

Under the regulations, the nursing home must have sufficient nursing staff. (42 CFR 483.30)

A nursing home must conduct an initial comprehensive and accurate assessment of each resident's functional capacity. (42 CFR 483.20).

The facility must further develop a comprehensive care plan for each resident that includes measurable objectives and timetables to meet a resident's medical, nursing, and mental and psychosocial needs that are identified in the comprehensive assessment. (42 CFR 483.20 (k)) and Minnesota Rule 4658.0405, Subp. 1.

Pressure sores. Based on the comprehensive assessment of a resident, the facility must ensure that:
(1) A resident who enters the facility without pressure sores does not develop pressure sores unless the individual's clinical condition demonstrates that they were unavoidable; and
(2) A resident having pressure sores receives necessary treatment and services to promote healing, prevent infection and prevent new sores from developing. (42 CFR 483.25(c))

Urinary Incontinence. Based on the resident's comprehensive assessment, the facility must ensure that:
(1) A resident who enters the facility without an indwelling catheter is not catheterized unless the resident's clinical condition demonstrates that catheterization was necessary; and
(2) A resident who is incontinent of bladder receives appropriate treatment and services to prevent urinary tract infections and to restore as much normal bladder function as possible. (42 CFR 483.25 (d))

Accidents. The facility must ensure that:
(1) The resident environment remains as free of accident hazards as is possible; and
(2) Each resident receives adequate supervision and assistance devices to prevent accidents. (42 CFR 483.25 (h))

Maintain acceptable parameters of nutritional status. (42 CFR 483.25 (i))
Nutrition. Based on a resident's comprehensive assessment, the facility must ensure that a resident:
(1) Maintains acceptable parameters of nutritional status, such as body weight and protein levels, unless the resident's clinical condition demonstrates that this is not possible; and
(2) Receives a therapeutic diet when there is a nutritional problem. (42 CFR 483.25 (i))

Provide each resident with sufficient fluid intake to maintain proper hydration and health. (42 CFR 483.25 (j))
Hydration. The facility must provide each resident with sufficient fluid intake to maintain proper hydration and health.

Ensure that residents are free of any significant medication errors. (42 CFR 483.25 (m)) and Minnesota Rule 4658.1320.

42 CFR 483.25 (m) Medication Errors. The facility must ensure that:
(1) It is free of medication error rates of five percent or greater; and
(2) Residents are free of any significant medication errors.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

My interest in this area of law stems from a close family member who suffered from neglect in a nursing home due. I felt helpless to assist even though I was an attorney as I was unfamiliar with the duties and obligations of the nursing home and the rights of the resident.

I was moved to study this area of law and made a vow to do my best to work towards the care provided to the elderly and vulnerable. I joined national and local advocacy groups, and nursing home litigation groups to gather as much related information as I could. Rather, than trying to know the law in all areas I have the most satisfaction working towards a large knowledge base in an area where my efforts can have a positive effect on the lives of those who are in need of the most care and assistance.

The seniors in our family's and community are the link to the past, and have earned the respect and care from those that follow. I enjoy advocating for the vulnerable and elderly as it gives purpose to my legal career.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

I have over 19 years experience as a litigation trial attorney and have handled many types of cases, with many very large financial outcomes for my clients.

I am the son of a well known defense attorney and I have always had an interest in the law. I was fortunate enough to have worked for two of the larger insurance companies after college and when in law school so I have a good understanding as how the insurance industry views claims and settlements. I learned the lesson that you need to give the insurance company a reason to settle or give fair compensation. Usually, the reason comes from turning on the heat and increasing their exposure.

By handling many cases I have learned to documents to request, the duties held by the nursing staff and facilities and how to hold them accountable and call out negligence and bad actions. I have further developed many relationships with well qualified nursing home and medical experts.

I am an experienced trial attorney and willing to push for the rights of my clients, and hold facilities financially and work towards improvements in their policies and procedures, staffing, training and equipment to reduce the likelihood of other incidents.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

There are many law firms in Minnesota. Many handle person injury cases, of those some handle medical malpractice cases.

Nursing home abuse and neglect cases, are a sub-category of medical malpractice cases. Many attorneys will take a nursing home case, but unless they are familiar with the way a nursing home is operated and the duties of all the responsible parties it is nearly impossible to get the nursing home and their facility to offer a fair resolution. There are particular rules which apply to Minnesota medical malpractice cases as well as federal regulations, and standards that a person must be aware of to successfully prosecute a nursing home or assisted living care facility.

I handle select cases where I believe I am able to assist my clients and improve the quality of care for the residents. I personally work on every case myself and often get other skilled attorneys to work with me when it benefits the client with no additional expense to the client.

I do not charge anything for a free consultation and do not charge anything unless I can make a financial recovery for my clients. I often advance costs on claims and unlike many firms I do not ask for those costs back unless the case is ultimately resolved.

I give my clients my cell phone number and they are free to call me seven days a week and in the evenings.

I work hard to find answers for clients with difficult issues and strive for my client's satisfaction of knowing my firm advocated on their behalf.

If you would like a free consultation with Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorney, Kenneth L. LaBore call 612-743-9048 or Toll Free at 1-888-452-6589 or email Ken at

Kenneth Lee LaBore

Kenneth Lee LaBore, Esq.
Guardian Legal Services, LLC
1-888-452-6589 Toll Free Direct Number

Attorney Kenneth L. LaBore practices in the area of Minnesota Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Cases throughout the state.

Ken has been a litigation and injury attorney for over eighteen years with a decade of experience handling claims involving the abuse and neglect of elderly and vulnerable adults who are residents in Minnesota nursing homes, assisted living, housing with services and other types of facilities or arrangements.

Ken has handled hundreds of complex medical malpractice and nursing home abuse and neglect cases. There are many forms of usually preventable neglect such as: malnurishment, dehydration, pressure sores, falls, medication errors and infectious disease. Abuse in nursing homes and other care facilities can come in the form of physical, sexual and psychological. Attorney Kenneth LaBore has handled the types of abuse and neglect mentioned above and many others, usually some form of a failure to seek needed medical attention for a vulnerable person.

Ken is an advocate for elder rights and is involved in many volunteer and legal organizations with the goal of improving education and the enforcement of existing elder care rights and obligations as well as advancing areas for improvement.

Ken is a graduate of William Mitchell College of Law and a member of the following professional organizations: Minnesota State Bar Association, Minnesota Trial Lawyers, now, Minnesota Association for Justice, MAJ Nursing Home Section, American Association for Justice, AAJ Nursing Home Litigation Group, Minnesota State Bar Association, member of Governing Council for MSBA Elder Law Section, and Co-Chairman of the MSBA Elder Law Section, Vulnerable Adults Committee.

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