Technical Support - Electronic Products



System Requirements and File Formats


When purchasing an eProduct, use the computer you want to download it to; however, after you've downloaded it, you will be able to transfer it to another computer by copying it to external media or by emailing it to yourself.

Note that you will be unable to download a file if:

  • cookies are disabled on your computer, or
  • a firewall prevents you from downloading files from the Internet.

Recommended browsers: Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox. If you experience issues using Safari and Internet Explorer, please try another browser.

To use Nolo's eProducts (software not included) you must have:

  • A program that opens ZIP files,which you can download for free. (Search online for "free compression utilities.")
    eReaders cannot open zip files, so you must download to a desktop or laptop, unzip the files, and then move the files into your eReader.
    For assistance in moving the files, please refer to your eReader's Technical Support pages: Kindle
  • Adobe Reader, which you can downloaded for free from Adobe.
  • If your product contains editable (RTF) forms, a word processing program will be needed.
    • Windows operating systems come with WordPad. If you have Microsoft Word (full version, not Viewer only), you can use Microsoft Word.
    • Macintosh OS X comes with TextEdit; non-OS X users need Word 5.0 or greater, WordPerfect 2.1 or greater, or another RTF-compatible word processor.

eBooks: Most of Nolo's eBooks offer the option to download in either PDF (for laptops, desktops, and Apple products), ePub (for Nook and other eReader devices), or MOBI (for Kindle ONLY) formats. eBook bundles only offer the PDF format. Finally, a very small selection of our oldest eBooks still download as a zipped file which will usually contain the PDF eBook and a folder of forms which may be in either PDF or RTF format.
Downloads will be available in your account for 1 year after purchase.

eForms: Nolo's eForm downloads contain one PDF instruction sheet and one editable RTF form for each form contained in the product.
Downloads will be available in your account for 1 year after purchase.

Digital Forms: Nolo's Digital Forms download in PDF format.
Form template will be available in your account for 1 year after purchase.
Once you create your final form and download it as a PDF, the PDF can be saved on your computer indefinitely.

Forms with my Nolo book: The forms that come with a Nolo book may be in either PDF or RTF format. In general, government forms are in PDF and forms created by Nolo are in RTF. If a form is intended to be given to someone else to fill out, those forms are generally in PDF.
Once downloaded, they can be saved on your computer indefinitely.

Download Instructions

Note: If the file doesn't download because you lose your Internet connection, try again.

  • Click the "Download Now" button to download the eProduct's ZIP file to your computer.
  • Choose "SAVE" (instead of "OPEN") if given the option by your browser to save the file to your computer.
  • Note the name of the file and the folder that it's saved to. We recommend creating a folder named "Nolo downloads" on your computer's Desktop and downloading the file into that folder, where it'll be easy to find.
  • Once the download is complete, double-click the ZIP file to open it. Extract the files, saving them to the folder where you'd like to keep them.
  • Find and open the folder you extracted the .ZIP archive to. It'll contain a new folder with two files -- the eForm in RTF and instructions on how to use it in PDF.
  • Open your eForm and instructions by double-clicking each RTF file.
  • Fill-in the eForm, following the instructions provided.
  • When the form is completed, you can save and print it.

Note: Use the "File > Save As" command to rename your completed eForm file so that you don't overwrite the original version.

I have lost the download link or I am getting a download error.

Please note the confirmation email for your order includes a "Download Now" link that expires after 72 hours. If you created or signed into an account during checkout, the download link will be in your account for 1 year after purchase. If you lost your download link or are receiving a message that the link is no longer valid, you will need to contact us for a new link. For faster service, please make sure to include your order number.

How do I get the forms for my Book or eBook?

If your book's front cover mentions you can download forms for it, look for the download link inside the book. Within most of our books, on the first page of either Appendix A or B, you should find a URL where you can obtain the forms (as well as links for additional relevant articles, legal updates, podcasts, and blogs on for your title.
Be careful NOT to include the period at the end of the sentence in your URL!!!

Once you are on the download webpage, if your need further download instructions, please see our download instructions here.

If your eBook does not include this URL, please email us a copy of your purchase receipt and our Technical Support Department can reply with a link to download your forms.