Sent I-765 to USCIS With a Mistake: What Can I Do?

What to do when that sinking feeling hits you after you've submitted your I-765 form.

It's a horrible feeling to submit an application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), such as for a work permit (on Form I-765) along with an adjustment of status application, then realize you made a mistake. Perhaps you wrote your address wrong, or entered information on the wrong line. Is there something I can do now?

If you have already sent your I-765 application for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), and you now realize that you made an error in the form, you might be able to fix the mistake before the card is issued, as described below. Doing so will likely save you valuable time.

(If, however, it arrives before you can take the steps described here, see instead, Information on Work Permit Card Incorrect? How to Fix It.

How to Contact USCIS About Mistake on Work Permit Application

The best way to go about fixing a mistake prior to the EAD being issued is by calling the USCIS Contact Center. You will likely have to wait on hold for some time, and then enter your information to receive a call back later in the day, but it is better than waiting months to get a reissued EAD if the mistake ends up on your actual card.

Customer service will send an internal work request and might give you a control number for the request. Write this control number down, in case you need to call again.

Within approximately two weeks of your phone call to USCIS, you should receive a letter in the mail that will either tell you that the mistake has been fixed or give you further instructions about what to do to fix the mistake.

Which Mistakes on an I-765 Will Require Follow-Up Paperwork

Although some mistakes can be relatively simple to fix, others, like having entered an incorrect eligibility category on the I-765 application, can require additional steps to process.

If the space you forgot to fill in was the one concerning your eligibility category, your application will not be approved. The eligibility category tells the reviewer how you are eligible for work authorization. Without this information, the reviewer cannot approve your application. You will either get a request for evidence (RFE) asking you to provide the correct category and supporting documentation, or your application will be denied and you will need to apply once again.

Also, if you fail to ask USCIS to fix your birthdate, you will receive a EAD card with an incorrect birthdate, which can take months to correct, and lead to problems if you were to apply for a Social Security number. It is best to take steps to correct this error as soon as you realize there is a problem. (USCIS may, in this instance, ask you to mail in a copy of your birth certificate showing the actual date.)

Getting Legal Help

If you are confused about the mistake you made on an immigration application or about any part of the process to obtain your work authorization card or some other immigration benefit, consult with an immigration attorney.

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