Sample Letter to Landlord: Security Concerns and Alerts

How to get your landlord to fix a dangerous security problem

If you're concerned about security in and about your rental apartment or building, contact your landlord for help reducing your vulnerability to crime. This may include asking for specific security devices, such as deadbolts, bars on windows, or better lighting outside the building. The best way to get results is to put your security requests in a letter that explains your concerns, the specific action you want the landlord to take, and the foreseeable (and serious) consequences (such as an assault) if your landlord does not improve security. If you are a renter in a multi-unit building, have your letter signed by as many tenants as possible. Use the Sample Letter Alerting the Landlord to Dangerous Conditions as a model in preparing your own letter. Be sure to keep a copy for your files.

For additional advice on security issues, see Renters: Protect Yourself From Crime.

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