What Can a Homeowner Do About Noisy Next-Door Renters?

Sometimes, going to the landlord is your best bet.

Updated 10/01/2023

One common issue when owning a home is neighboring residents who are less than responsible. Let's say, for example, you live next door to a rundown rental house, where the tenants don't seem invested in maintaining the property's quality. They might be noisy, have friends over partying until late, keep noisy dogs, use your driveway and yard to park cars in, or something else.

Such issues are not only annoying, but can reduce the value of your house if and when you decide to sell. It can also create an eyesore and cause concern for your personal safety. What can you do? That's what we'll explore here.

First Step: Communicate With Your Neighbors and Landlord

Try reasoning with the residents next door. As strange as it might sound, they might not realize that their noisy parties or barking dogs or other activities are disturbing you. Maybe they don't even know where the property line is. Nolo's book Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries & Noise, has excellent, straightforward tips on negotiating through neighborly quarrels.

If the direct approach doesn't work, try a similar approach with the landlord. Assuming the landlord plans to keep the property long-term, they'll potentially be interacting with you longer than with the tenants.

However, if you get no results from either, you have stronger courses of action available to you.

Next Step: Communicate With Law Enforcement

If cars are parked on your property, they are being parked there by trespassers. Trespass onto private property is a crime. A call to the local police station ought to take care of that problem.

Additional Possible Step: Sue in Small Claims Court

With regard to issues like noisy parties or barking dogs, these can constitute what's called a nuisance under the law. One way that neighbors have successfully dealt with this kind of problem is to sue the owner (not the tenants, but the owner) of the offending house in small claims court.

This kind of lawsuit can be very effective, especially if you can get other neighbors who are annoyed by the ruckus to join in. For more information, see Nolo's articles on Small Claims Court.

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