Money and Property Worksheet
How I Spend MoneyHow Much I Spend Per MonthWays to Share and Possible Savings
Household goods  
Child care  
Environmental Worksheet
Green GoalsWays to Live More Sustainably By Sharing
Drive less 
Buy fewer consumer goods 
Obtain food from more sustainable sources 
Reduce home energy use and use renewable energy sources 
Reduce waste 
Be greener at work 
Buy environmentally friendly products 
Community Building Worksheet
Community Building GoalsWays to Build Community by Sharing
Get to know neighbors 
Help neighbors and get help in return 
Get to know coworkers better 
Getting Help Worksheet
What I Could Use Help WithWays to Get Help by Sharing
House care 
Yard care 
Taking care of other possessions 
Meal preparation 
Chores and errands 
Child care 
Elder care or care for other adults 
What Could I Share?
Categories of Things to ShareWhat I Have to ShareWhat I Hope to Get Through Sharing
Tangible Items
Household appliances  
Household goods  
Work equipment  
Recreation/ Hobbies  
Fitness/ Outdoors  
Clothing/ Accessories  
Laundry room  
Storage space  
Vacation home  
Work space  
Services, privileges, and subscriptions
CooperationWays to Cooperate with Others
Carpools and rides 
Child care 
Adult care 
Pet care 
Gardening/ Yard work 
Home repair/ Improvement 
Chores/ Errands 

Neighbor Questionnaire

Phone number:
Email address:

Would you like to join a neighborhood email listserv? _Yes _No

Emergency contact (someone we can call if we think you need emergency help):

Home phone:_______ Work phone:_______ Cell phone:_______

How long have you lived in this neighborhood?

Where are you from originally?

What do you like to do for fun?

What kind of work do you do?

What city do you work in?

Do you drive to work? _Yes _No

Would you be interested in carpooling if a neighbor works near you? _Yes _No

Do you own a car? _Yes _No

Would you ever be interested in sharing a car with a neighbor? _Yes _No

If you work from home, are you interested in sharing office equipment? _Yes _No

Do you have children? _Yes _No

If so, how many and how old?

Would you ever like to trade child care with other neighbors, whether through casual babysitting, sharing a child care provider, or otherwise? _Yes _No

Do you have pets? _Yes _No
If so, who are they?

Would you ever like to coordinate with neighbors to take turns walking dogs or caring for other animals? _Yes _No

Would you be interested in joining a neighborhood gardening group? _Yes _No

Would you be interested in joining a neighborhood home improvement group, which will meet to work on home repair and building projects at each member's house? _Yes _No

Would you like to be invited to neighborhood games nights? _Yes _No

Would you be interested in doing mealsharing with neighbors? _Yes _No

Do you have a fruit tree that you'd like help harvesting or fruit you'd like help eating? _Yes _No

Do you or does anyone in your household have any disabilities or health problems you would like your neighbors to know about, or you might need help with? _Yes _No

If so, what are they?

Would you be interested in sharing any of the following:
_ Tools, ladders, etc.
_ Washer and dryer
_ Household appliances, like vacuum cleaners
_ Household goods and electronics
_ Toys and sports equipment

Checklist for Discussing the 20 Questions

When you sit down to discuss the details of your sharing arrangement, here’s a checklist to guide your conversation:

__ 1. Why Are We Sharing?

  • What are our personal, practical, financial, or environmental goals?

__ 2. What Are We Sharing?

  • What are we not sharing?

__ 3. Whom Are We Sharing With?

  • Do our cosharers need to meet any particular qualifications?

__ 4. How Many People Are We Sharing With?

  • What are the pros and cons of having a large or small sharing group?

__ 5. How Will the Timing of Our Arrangement Work?

  • When will it start and stop?
  • Will it happen in phases?

__ 6. Who Owns the Shared Item(s)?

  • Will one person own it and let others use it?
  • Will we each own specific items or parts of the property?
  • Will we each own a percentage share of the whole property? If so, in what proportions?

__ 7. Should We Form a Separate Legal Entity?

__ 8. What Should We Call Ourselves?

__ 9. What Do We Get to Do?

__ 10. How Will We Make Decisions?

  • Will we all take part in decision making or delegate decisions to a small group?
  • Do we all have equal decision-making power?
  • Must all decisions be unanimous or made by majority vote?

__ 11. What Responsibilities Will Each of Us Have?

  • Will we assign roles and tasks?
  • Will we rotate responsibilities?
  • Will anyone receive extra benefits in return for extra responsibilities?

__ 12. What Are the Rules for Using Our Shared Property or Meeting Our Shared Responsibilities?

__ 13. How Will We Handle Administrative Matters Like Scheduling, Communication, and Record Keeping?

__ 14. How Will We Divide Expenses?

  • Will there be initial buy-in or start-up contributions? Will we need any loans?
  • How will we divide overhead and variable costs?
  • How will we collect money? Through regular dues or by reckoning expenses in some other way? Will we start a bank account?
  • What kinds of unexpected costs could arise and how will we prepare for them?
  • Who will keep track of our money?
  • What happens if a member cannot pay?

__ 15. How Will We Manage Risk and Liability?

  • What risks are involved in our sharing arrangement and how can we reduce them?
  • How is the risk distributed (that is, who could suffer loss or be liable for damages)?
  • Do we want to redistribute risk by making agreements with each other or purchasing insurance?

__ 16. Are There Legal Requirements We Need to Follow?

  • Are there any required licenses or permits?
  • Will this bring up any tax or employment law questions?
  • Are there any legal roadblocks arising from zoning laws or private land covenants?
  • What steps must we take to become a legal entity?

__ 17. How Will We Resolve Conflicts or Disputes?

__ 18. How Will We Bring New People Into the Group?

  • What procedures will new members follow?
  • How will new members be oriented?
  • What is our policy on guests?

__ 19. How Can a Member Leave the Group?

  • What steps must be taken when a member leaves voluntarily?
  • Under what circumstances can a member be asked to leave the group?

__ 20. How Do We End the Sharing Arrangement?

Communication Checklist

Here’s a handy checklist for you and your cosharers to review:

  • Have we talked through the logistics of our arrangement (for example, the 20 questions in Chapter 3)?
  • Have we discussed each of our concerns or worries regarding the sharing arrangement?
  • Do we all feel comfortable voicing our needs?
  • Do we each feel that our needs and values are understood by other sharers?
  • Do we have a plan for checking in with each other periodically?
  • Are any of us interested in taking a communication training class?
(See Appendix A for training resources.)
  • Have we chosen a decision-making process?
  • Have we decided what conflict resolution methods we will use?
  • Do we want to choose a mediator in advance?
  • Do we all feel prepared to approach difficult conversation in a constructive, non-judgmental, and non-defensive manner?

Worksheet: Rate Your Housing Priorities

Rate each of the following priorities by circling a number (1 = least important; 5 = most important).

The Space:

12345I would like to have my own unit.
12345I would prefer my own bathroom.
12345I would like to have a large kitchen.
12345I would like access to a yard.
12345I would like to be able to garden.
12345I would like on-site laundry facilities.
12345I would like on-site parking.
12345I would like a large storage space.
12345I would like other amenities, such as 

Material Needs and Long Range Plans:

12345I would like to own my residence and build equity.
12345I prefer to rent my residence.
12345I hope to save money from this arrangement.
12345I am looking for a place that I can live in for a long time.
12345I am looking for a short-term arrangement.
12345I would like to share furnishings.

Furnishings I own and could share include:

Furnishings I need or would like to have include:

Home Environment, People, and Lifestyle:

12345I want to live in a way that is environmentally sustainable.
12345I want to feel free to have social events where I live.
12345I want to live in a nonsmoking home.
12345I would like to have some rules about drug and alcohol use.
12345I want to be able to have overnight guests.
12345I would like a quiet space (or quiet times).
12345I need space to practice trumpet (or other loud activity).
12345I want to share housing with someone who can help care for my child/pet.
12345I am open to caring for others and/or their children and pets.
12345I hope to feel a sense of community with people I live with.
12345I want to live with like-minded people. This means: 

12345I would like to do activities with my cosharers, such as: 

12345I would like to do mealsharing and collective food buying.

Other wants and needs:

Home Improvement Group: Tools and Skills Assessment



Phone:_______________ Email: _______________

Preferred Work Day (check one): __ Saturday __ Sunday

SkillsSeen It DoneDone SomeDone a Lot









Tile work


Painting (exterior)


Painting (interior)






Basic wiring


Other (list)


Tools I Have for the Group to Use:

__ Basic garden tools
__ Basic hand tools
__ Saw(s)
__ Drill
__ Ladder(s)
__ ____________________
__ ____________________

Comfort Level
Tool or ActivityExpertFineWillingRather Not
Power tools    
Managing logistics    
Other (list)    

Possible Projects for Our Household

  1. _______________
  2. ______________
  3. ______________

Diet Preferences for Mealsharing

Types of FoodFood I Don’t EatFood I Prefer Not to Eat (but I Can Be Flexible)Food That Is Fine If I Can Pick OutFood That Is Fine in Small Amounts

Fruit Harvest Agreement

This agreement is between the Neighborhood Fruit Harvest Group ("Harvesters") and __________ ("Owner"). We enter into this agreement to allow Harvesters to pick fruit from Owner's fruit tree(s) and bushes.

1. On the following dates and times, Harvesters will pick the following fruit:

[Date]: Harvesters will pick_____________.
[Date]: Harvesters will pick_____________.
[Date]: Harvesters will pick_____________.

2. Check one of the following:

     __ It is ok for Harvesters to enter the yard when Owner is not home. If owner is not home, Harvesters should [describe procedures, such as "close the gate behind them."]

     __ Harvesters should enter the yard only when Owner is at home.

3. Harvesters will follow these rules when in Owner's yard: [describe rules, such as "Harvesters will not smoke;" "Harvesters will not make unnecessary noise while in the yard;" "Harvesters will take care to not damage flower beds or break any branches of the fruit trees."]

4. Harvesters will pick all fruit that appears ready to be picked and leave less mature fruit on the tree.

5. Harvesters will take care to avoid damaging the tree or breaking branches.

6. Harvesters will give [amount] of fruit to Owner.

7. Harvesters may do the following with the remainder of the fruit. (Check all that apply.)

     __ Give fruit to other neighbors

     __ Donate fruit to a food bank or other charity

     __ Consume the fruit

     __ Preserve or prepare the fruit, to eat or share

8. Harvesters will take reasonable steps to ensure that the fruit is not wasted.

9. Harvesters will use all proper care and safety precautions when climbing trees and ladders. ( Or: Harvesters will not climb the trees or use ladders. Harvesters will use extension fruit pickers, which they will provide.)

10. Owner does not ask for any compensation.

11. Harvesters, as consideration for the right to harvest fruit from Owner's tree(s), agree not to make a claim against or sue Owner for injury, loss, or damage that occurs during fruit harvest and/or consumption of Owner's fruit, including injury, loss, or damage arising from the negligence of Owner. Harvesters agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Owner from all claims, liability, or demands that Harvesters or any third party may have or in the future make against Owner for injury, loss, or damage arising from harvesting and/or consuming fruit from Owner's trees, including from food-borne illness.

Name:_____________________ on behalf of ________________


Information Sheet for Children's Carpool

Child's Name:____________________________
Address for Pickup:________________________
Parent/Guardian Names:___________________

Parent 1:___________________________
Phone (please put a checkmark by the best number to reach you)
__ Home:__________ __ Work:___________
__ Cell:____________ __ Other:__________

Parent 2:___________________________
Phone (please put a checkmark by the best number to reach you)
__ Home:__________ __ Work:___________
__ Cell:____________ __ Other:__________

Name of Parent Who Will Drive Carpool:______________
Drivers' license no.:__________
Car make/model:____________ License plate:_________
Insurance co.:______________ Policy number:_________

Emergency Contact Name:______________________
Relationship to child:__________________________
Best number to reach:_________________________

Child's Physician Name:__________________
Best number to reach:___________________

Worksheet: Annual Car Expenses

Type of ExpenseAnnual CostsCosts to Share a CarCosts to Carpool
Annual registration cost   
License fees   
Smog check (where applicable)   
Insurance (average is $850 per year)   
Interest on car loan (finance charges)   
Roadside assistance program membership   
Maintenance (regular replacements, tires, fluids, filters, tune-ups, windshield wipers, cleaning)   
Major repairs   
Title fee and transfer tax (usually applies only when car changes ownership)   

Information Sheet for Carpool Members

Address for pickup:__________________

Phone numbers(please put a check mark by the best number to reach you)
__ Home: _________________________
__ Work: _________________________
__ Cell: __________________________
__ Other: ________________________
__ Email: ________________________

Emergency contact
Best number to reach:_______________

Driver information
Drivers' license number:___________________
Car make and model:______________________
License plate:____________________________
Insurance co. and policy number:____________

Worksheet: Work Expenses to Consider Sharing

ExpenseAmountSharing Ideas

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