The Fastest Way to List an Item for Sale

The fastest way to list an item for sale is to use the List With Popular Options choice in the Sell dialog box. Enter a few words to describe your item, check the button for List with Popular Options and click the ‘Start Selling’ button. Next, you'll see a screen with five sections. We'll discuss each section below.

Step 1. Create a descriptive title for your item. Your title has to be "searchable" — easy for buyers to find. If you're unclear as to the importance and use of titles, we provide title assistance.

Popular Options Form Section 1

Step 2. Select the Category that best describes your item. eBay provides suggestions for the proper category for your item You may list your item in more than one category, but keep in mind, you pay an additional listing fee for each category selected. If you're unclear, we provide help on choosing categories.

Popular Options Section 2: Category

Step 3.  Bring your item to life with pictures. Here you upload an image of your item. You'll need a digital photo (or a digital scan). If the item is damaged in any way, make sure the damage shows up clearly in the photo. If you need help, read more about using and uploading images

Popular Options Section 3: Pictures

Step 4. Describe the item you’re selling. The description must include all the information a buyer would want to know — for instance, size, style, and model. See below for more on writing "sellable" titles and descriptions.  If you need help, we provide some tips for writing a great description.

Popular Options 3: Describe the Item

Step 5. Set a price and shipping details. Here you set the price for the item and list shipping costs. Use eBay's Search or Advanced Search feature (check the "Completed Listings only" box) to learn what buyers paid for similar merchandise. Sold items are listed in the search results in bold green; unsold items are listed in red. Also check active listings – those auctions that have not ended — to see what is currently listed. You can learn more about pricing in the section Buy an Item. Click to read more about prices. As for shipping costs, buyers are more likely to bid if they know (or can determine) the shipping charges, package, measure, and weigh an item. eBay provides easy to use shipping calculators, and buyers can calculate shipping costs based on the dimensions and weight you provide. Additional "handling" charges may be added, but keep it reasonable — buyers find exorbitant extra charges to be a turn-off. Click to read more about shipping.

Popular Options 5: Price and shipping

Step 6. Decide how you’d like to be paid. PayPal is the preferred choice for most buyers and sellers. For more information, see PayPal Basics. You cannot accept a credit card directly through eBay — that is, without the aid of PayPal — unless you set up a merchant card account with a bank or other financial institution. Many companies offer merchant card services, and some sites also explain the process for getting a merchant account. If you don't have a PayPal account, now may be the time to get one. If you need help, read our section on methods of payment and PayPal.

Popular Options 6: Method of Payment

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