Shipping Solutions

Here are the most popular methods for eBay shipping :

PayPal. The PayPal Shipping Center offers a handy method of shipping via either UPS or USPS. When you complete a sale on eBay, you will see a box labeled "Print shipping label" in your PayPal Overview.

Shipping Label

Once you click the box, you can choose a shipping carrier and fill out the necessary package information. When you're satisfied with the rate quote, you print the postage-paid label and pay for it through your PayPal account. You can also use the system to ship internationally. PayPal provides preprinted customs forms as well. With the PayPal system, you can track and confirm the arrival of your shipments, and you can get a refund for misprinted labels if you cancel them within 24 hours. You can also download your shipping information to other software such as QuickBooks. Some eBay experts recommend withdrawing your eBay sale money from PayPal before processing the shipping. That way if you download data to another program such as QuickBooks, the shipping costs won't be deducted from the sale, creating some confusion for your bookkeeping.

USPS. You can print USPS Express and Priority Mail shipping labels and postage using the USPS Click-N-Ship system. Click-N-Ship allows you to store up to 3,000 domestic and international addresses, provides email ship notification, stores your shipping history for six months, and prints up to ten domestic labels with a single credit card transaction. It will also find zip codes and permit you to buy insurance up to $500.

UPS. Using My UPS online services, you create UPS shipments, prepare and print labels, compare various shipping options, and pay for your UPS shipments with a credit card. The system stores addresses, allows you to void shipments, provides email notifications and shipping history, and lets you provide detailed tracking information.

FedEx. Although it is not as popular among eBay users, FedEx offers many of the same options as UPS and USPS. Using My FedEx online services, you create FedEx shipments, prepare and print labels, and pay for everything with a credit card. The FedEx system, like UPS, stores addresses, allows you to void shipments, provides email notifications, shipping history, and also enables you to provide detailed tracking information. (along with Endicia, below) is an online service that lets you print USPS postage and pay for it with your credit card. There is a monthly subscription fee  of $21.99. Why pay for postage when you can get it from the USPS without the monthly fee? Because is like a postage meter for your home. It's easier for bulk shipments and it integrates with many common programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Word, and Quicken. The site commonly has free trial offers so you can give it a spin to see if it will work for you. has most of the typical bells and whistles: tracking, email notifications, and shipping history. It also offers free delivery confirmation on Priority Mail and provides downloadable shipping reports.

Endicia. Endicia is also a postage-meter-on-a-website, like, and, like, it offers a free trial. Endicia has a few features and a pricing system that sets it apart from competitors. Most notably, it incorporates Dazzle software, which allows you to include company logos on your postage. You also get free delivery confirmation on USPS Priority Mail and can print postage for all USPS services from first class through Media Mail. It's available in several pricing plans including $9.95 (Endicia Standard), $15.95 month (Endicia Premium), and $34.95 (Endicia Professional).

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