Chart: Deadline for Returning Security Deposits, State-by-State

State deadlines for itemizing and returning tenants' security deposits.

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Here's the amount of time landlords have to return a tenant's security deposit after the tenant leaves. For the specific law in your state, see your state's security deposit statutes. Also, be sure to check state or local rent control or rent regulation laws for any additional related rules.

Deadline for Returning Security Deposits


Security Deposit Return Timeline


60 days after termination of tenancy and delivery of possession


14 days if the tenant gives proper notice to terminate tenancy; 30 days if the tenant does not give proper notice or if landlord has deducted amounts needed to remedy damage caused by tenant's failure to maintain the property


14 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays); tenant has the right to be present at final inspection


60 days


21 days


One month, unless lease agreement specifies longer period of time (which can't be longer than 60 days); 72 hours (not counting weekends or holidays) if a hazardous condition involving gas equipment requires tenant to vacate


30 days, or within 15 days of receiving tenant's forwarding address, whichever is later


20 days

District of Columbia

45 days


15 to 60 days depending on whether tenant disputes deductions


30 days


14 days


21 days, or up to 30 days if landlord and tenant agree


For properties with five or more units, 30 to 45 days, depending on whether tenant disputes deductions or if statement and receipts are furnished


45 days


30 days


14 days after the determination of the amount of any deductions, but in no event longer than 30 days after the end of the tenancy.


30-60 days, depending on whether tenant disputes deductions


One month


30 days (if written rental agreement) or 21 days (if tenancy at will)


45 days


30 days


30 days


Three weeks after tenant leaves; five days if tenant must leave due to building condemnation


45 days


30 days


30 days (10 days if no deductions)


14 days


30 days

New Hampshire

30 days; for shared facilities, if the deposit is more than 30 days' rent, landlord must provide written agreement acknowledging receipt and specifying when deposit will be returned—if no written agreement, 20 days after tenant vacates

New Jersey

30 days; within five days if tenant has to move out due to fire, flood, condemnation, or evacuation

New Mexico

30 days

New York

14 days

North Carolina

30 days; if landlord's claim against the deposit cannot be finalized within that time, landlord may send an interim accounting and a final accounting within 60 days of the tenancy's termination

North Dakota

30 days


30 days


45 days


31 days


30 days

Rhode Island

20 days

South Carolina

30 days

South Dakota

Two weeks, and must supply reasons if withholding any portion; 45 days for a written, itemized accounting, if tenant requests it


No statutory deadline


30 days. Landlord need not refund deposit until the tenant gives the landlord a forwarding address. If landlord wants to condition the refund of the security deposit on the tenant's giving advance notice of surrender, landlord must put this condition in the lease, and it must be either underlined or printed in conspicuous bold print.


30 days


14 days; 60 days if the rental is seasonal and not intended as the tenant's primary residence


45 days after termination date or the date the tenant vacates, whichever occurs last; 30 days to itemize any deductions to be made during the course of the tenancy (45 days if the deductions exceed the amount of the security deposit). Lease can provide for expedited processing at the end of the tenancy and specify an administrative fee for such processing, which will apply only if tenant requests it with a separate written document. Landlord must give tenant written notice of tenant's right to be present at a final inspection.


21 days

West Virginia

60 days from the date the tenancy has terminated, or within 45 days of the occupancy of a subsequent tenant, whichever is shorter. If the damage exceeds the amount of the security deposit and the landlord has to hire a contractor to fix it, the notice period is extended 15 days.


21 days


30 days, when applying it to unpaid rent (or within 15 days of receiving tenant's forwarding address, whichever is later); additional 30 days allowed for deductions due to damage

Updated: January 26, 2023

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