Can I Get Interim Assistance (IA) while waiting for SSI?

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We were wondering if you could contact us to give us more information on (IA). My husband is waiting on his court date for SSI and we are in need of financial help. He has asked his lawyer and local Social Security office and they are clueless to (IA) information for some reason. We live in Indianapolis, Indiana and any insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.


"Interim assistance" (IA) is temporary benefit provided not provided by Social Security or the federal government, but by your state government. It's usually administered by your state's public assistance (welfare) agency or department of social services.

Interim assistance is really a type of loan rather than a cash benefit. When you apply for SSI disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, your state may front you some cash to pay for living expenses, and you promise to pay the state back when you are approved for disability benefits and you get your SSI backpay from the Social Security.

Not everyone gets approved for interim assistance – you must qualify financially for your state's public assistance program and your state agency must find that there's a strong chance you'll be approved for SSI benefits. (Note that those who apply for only SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) are not eligible for IA.)

When you apply for interim assistance, you sign an "interim assistance agreement" or interim assistance reimbursement agreement." That allows Social Security to take a portion of your SSI back pay to pay back your state for the interim assistance money.

Indiana does participate in the Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Program. Contact the Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Aging or Indiana's Disability Determination Bureau to find out how to apply. The statue that governs IA in Indiana is IC 12-9-6-2. For more information, see our article on SSI's interim assistance program.

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