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TaxSmith, LLC

We at Taxsmith understand that the idea of battling the IRS on your own can be scary, but we are here to alleviate that fear and worry. We will carefully evaluate your case and establish a plan for your particular issues so that you can gain control.

Arlington, VA

TaxSmith's attorneys give your case the personal attention you need to fully resolve your case. No matter your location, you'll benefit from our experience in dealing with the IRS.

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Justice Tax LLC

Jacksonville, FL

Incorporated in 2000, the mission of Justice Tax is to help consumers achieve financial freedom from tax issues.

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Dayes Law Firm

Dayes Law Firm PC, is a collection of dedicated legal professionals that focus our entire legal practice in the areas of Tax Debt Resolution and Social Security Disability benefits.

Phoenix, AZ

Our team of attorneys have decades of experience helping individuals across the nation and can guide you or your loved one through the entire process. We understand that many individuals and their families can become frustrated and confused when dealing with the IRS and the Social Security Administration.

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