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We are here to represent the needs of and to fight for the rights of the injured workers of Georgia within the bounds of the law and the Rules of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. We believe in face to face contact with our clients whenever possible.

Law Offices of Emmett L. Goodman, Jr. LLC

The Law Office of Emmett L Goodman Jr. LLC is a full service legal team with 75 years of experience specializing in Social Security Disability, Real Estate Foreclosures, and Bankruptcy Law, Personal Injury Law, and Collections.

Macon, GA

Mr. Emmett L Goodman, Jr. has been representing a wide range of clientele throughout the Southeast since 1971. The firm, which includes two additional attorneys, Brian Causey and Daniel Wilder, specializes in bankruptcy, social security disability, workers compensation law, personal injury and commercial and consumer collections. In addition to

Jeffrey Sands Bowman

Experienced Injury Lawyer in Augusta, GA Fights for Victims

Augusta, GA

If you've been hurt on the job, injured due to someone else's carelessness or denied the disability benefits you're entitled to, obtaining proper compensation is essential to your well-being.

McCracken Law Office

Georgia trial lawyers advocating for your rights

Augusta, GA

For 43 years, McCracken Law Office has been fighting for those injured, disabled and wanting to protect their families in the event of illness and disability. We treat clients with dignity and respect through every step of the legal process, delivering high quality, efficient and cost-effective legal solutions. Whether you

Ralph W. Ellis, P.C.

Social Security Disability, Workers' Compensation, & Personal Injury. Please (404) 987-0937 today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Atlanta, GA

Areas of Law -Social Security Disability -Workers Compensation -Personal Injury -Insurance Defense -Premises Liability -Motor Vehicle Accidents -Civil Rights -Products Liability Call (404) 987-0937 today for a free initial consultation and evaluation. For your convenience, we offer meetings via Zoom.

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