Kentucky Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Gary S. Logsdon & Associates

Over forty years ago, Gary S. Logsdon & Associates established itself with the goal of protecting the rights of Kentucky citizens

Brownsville, KY

In addition to our personal injury practice, we represent client interests in other injury cases related to workers' compensation, Social Security Disability and disability compensation for veterans. We also represent clients in matters related to divorce and family law, criminal defense and general civil litigation. -Motor Vehicle Accidents -Nursing Home Neglect

McCoy, Hiestand & Smith, PLC

Louisville Injury Lawyer-Aggressive Personal Injury Representation

Louisville , KY

The swift, often life-changing nature of personal injury events is something with which far too many of us are familiar. Without notice, a normal activity or outing can turn into a truly tragic event, throwing entire families into chaos.

Wellman, NIchols & Smith

Serving the litigation needs of medical providers, insurers and other professionals

Lexington, KY

Kentucky and Tennessee Medical Malpractice Defense Law Firm Serving the litigation needs of medical providers, insurers and other professionals With more than 75 years of combined experience, Wellman, Nichols & Smith, PLLC is dedicated to the representation and defense of healthcare entities, facilities and providers.

Fulkerson, Kinkel & Marrs, PLLC

Experienced Kentucky Malpractice Defense Firm

Lexington, KY

Proudly defending professionals across the state against lawsuits and malpractice claims For any professional in the field of medicine or law, a malpractice claim can take an immeasurable toll on your career and personal life.

Kelley, Brown and Breeding

Experience Exceptional Legal Service from London, Kentucky Attorneys

London, KY

The partnership between John F. Kelley, Jr., Martha L. Brown and Bradford L. Breeding was formed in 2005. The firm in its present form is the latest evolution of an insurance defense practice that first began in 1978. Combined, the partners have more than 80 years of experience.

Bolus Law Offices

Louisville, KY

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