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Rusing Lopez & Lizardi, PLLC


Tucson, AZ

We provide clients with counsel and legal services directed toward their specific business or individual needs. We provide advice and representation to businesses and business owners on matters including commercial litigation, employment matters and disputes, real estate, immigration, business transactions, contracts negotiations and drafting, complex litigation and general business advice,

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Counxel Legal Firm

We build relationships with our clients, act as advisors in their best interests, and counsel with them. The X in Counxel because we look at law in a new way. The check mark represents the simplified relationship our clients experience with us.

Mesa, AZ

We live by our slogan, Legal Counsel Simplified. We want our clients to have a successful relationship with their legal counsel. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Cahill Glazer PLC

Law Firm in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

CAHILL GLAZER PLC was originally founded as the patent law firm of Cahill, Sutton & Thomas in 1970. Since that time, the firm has helped our clients obtain thousands of patents in the U.S.

Howard Russell Attorney At Law

HPR-LAW is an IP law firm that helps our clients turn their R&D, ideas and dreams into real and marketable products.

Silverton, OR

HPR-LAW is an IP and business law firm that helps a wide variety of clients, from individual startups to large corporations.

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