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Alfano Law Firm LLC

Kansas City, MO

Richard T. Bryant

Kansas City, MO

James Piedimonte, P.C.

James Piedimonte is one of the most experienced family law attorneys in Jackson County with over 35 years experience in child custody and divorce litigations. This experience gives him extensive knowledge of judges, attorneys, and the court system.

Independence, MO

"I engaged the services of James Piedimonte to help me with a modification of child custody and support. He listened and explained the process to me, taking into consideration my needs, wants and made recommendations based on his experience with the judge and court.

K. Martin Kuny, P.C.

Family law, personal injury, business law and traffic attorney provides honorable counsel

Independence, MO

K. Martin Kuny, P.C. was established in 1997 to provide quality legal advice and representation to clients throughout Jackson County, Missouri. With 26 years of legal experience, Mr. -Communication: precise and clear advice to clients and helps them make sensible legal decisions. -Education: the advice to guide clients

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