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Rosenstein Law Group PLLC

Rosenstein Law Group is a full-service criminal defense law firm. We represent those facing all kinds of Criminal and DUI related charges in Courts throughout Arizona. We are open and ready to serve you. Available 24/7 by calling (480) 248-7666

Gilbert, AZ

Good people make mistakes. Rosenstein Law Group is a full-service criminal defense law firm, that is committed to continuing to provide the absolute best possible criminal defense to members of our community during these difficult times.

Liberty Law

Scottsdale, AZ

Copper Star Law PLLC

At Copper Star Law we are focused on providing superb legal service to all of our clients. We understand the anxiety and confusion that you may be subject to and we never take you or your case for granted.

Scottsdale, AZ

At Copper Star Law, our attorneys and staff are dedicated to helping people through personal injury and criminal defense cases. Our lawyers have handled thousands of cases—our skill in the courtroom is widely recognized by the legal community.

Owens & Perkins, P.C.

Since 1967, Owens and Perkins have been a well-known pillar in the Scottsdale legal community. We take pride in our achievements and awards because they are a reflection of our commitment, compassion and ability to help and serve our clients.

Scottsdale, AZ

At Owens & Perkins, Attorneys at Law, each of our attorneys and staff members are honored to be able to practice law or to participate in the practice of law. Every day, we strive to make a lasting contribution that will be seen and felt for generations to come.

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Long & Simmons Law

DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney

Phoenix, AZ

Long & Simmons Law is able to defend anyone accused of or arrested for a crime in Arizona. Sexual Offenses

Law Office of Aaron M. Black, PLLC

Phoenix DUI Lawyer - Ferociously Battling For You!

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer Aaron Black's ultimate goal is to fight for the dismissal of your criminal case. He will aggressively defend you in court against the serious charges levied upon you by the government. Aaron will stand by your side and vigorously protect your constitutional rights.

Julio Laboy, Attorney at Law

We Handle All Criminal Matters

Phoenix, AZ

Being arrested for a criminal offense in Arizona can be an incredibly frightening and emotionally upsetting experience. It is also one that can take a tremendous toll on your life personally and professionally, not to mention the lives of your family, friends and loved ones.

Shah Law Firm

The Shah Law Firm handles only Criminal and Misdemeanor cases in Arizona. Attorney Arja Shah is one of the Valley's preeminent defense attorneys and can help you win your case today.

Phoenix, AZ

Attorney Arja Shah is a leading Criminal Defense Attorney serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and surrounding areas. Arja acquired her experience by successfully defending hundreds of individuals facing criminal charges carrying life-altering ramifications.

DM Cantor

Phoenix, AZ

Lane, Hupp, & Crowley, PLC

Providing an intelligent defense and fighting to protect your rights. Put your fate in the hands of the Top Criminal Defense Lawyers and DUI Attorneys in Phoenix. Call for a free consultation.

Phoenix, AZ

Alex Lane, Jonathan Hupp, and Kevin Crowley founded Lane, Hupp, & Crowley, PLC to provide smart and effective representation to all individuals and companies who are accused of crimes or who otherwise need a powerful advocate in their corner.

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Civil Rights Restored

Civil Rights Restored DUI & Criminal Law is a private, criminal defense trial firm in Phoenix, Arizona. We are dedicated to providing our clients with aggressive defense in order to get you the best possible result for your case. We Fight For You.

Phoenix, AZ

We are dedicated to aggressive criminal defense advocacy in efforts to tip the scales of justice in our client's favor to produce the best possible results. The way we do that is by putting pressure on the state, interviewing all relevant officers and witnesses, reviewing all of the discovery,

Navarro Law

Gilbert, AZ

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Oliverson Law PLLC

30 Years of Combined Experience. Award-Winning Representation. Former Police Officer, Judge, and Prosecutors. Thousands of Cases Won. 8631 South Priest Drive, , AZ

Arizona's Top Criminal Defense Attorneys SERVING ALL OF ARIZONA When hiring a criminal defense lawyer, you will need to discuss your legal options. Attorneys approach cases differently based on the specific facts of your situation as well as their own experience, skill, and education.

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