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Nathalie Gachot is a leading family law attorney in the Bay Area. With over a decade of experience, she delivers unparalleled legal insight to ensure the very best outcome for her clients. Her expertise covers all areas of family law.

Santa Rosa, CA

Nathalie Gachot's mission is to deliver top notch legal services in a cost-effective manner. She recognizes that family law issues are often costly unplanned events, and she works with her clients to protect their assets. Nathalie Gachot specializes in complex, high net worth, and international cases.

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The Law Offices of Richard Helzberg

Exclusively Family Law, with a focus on child custody in the San Francisco Bay Area, Interstate custody and international custody matters including Hague cases. Please see my website: Richard

San Rafael, CA

I'm a sole practitioner family law attorney fully competent to handle your divorce or post-judgment matters. I have worked with Sheelah Giacomini, a certified paralegal, for the past 24 years. Together we work with clients to efficiently provide legal services in all areas of family law. As well,

Law Office of Laura Tracy Hawkins

Santa Rosa Family Law Specialist Helping Families Amicably Resolve Legal Issues Since 1987

Santa Rosa, CA

Board certified family law attorney in Sonoma County guides you through sensitive legal matters When a marriage fails, the situation can quickly turn into a negotiating battle.

England Law

Santa Rosa, CA

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