Revere Criminal Defense Law Firms & Lawyers

Lown Law Firm

Address: 50 Congress Street, Suite 600, Boston, MA 02109
Phone: (617) 676-7339

Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, LLP

Address: Ten Post Office Square, Boston, MA 02109
Phone: (617) 482-8200

Edward P. Harrington

Attorney Edward Harrington is a former assistant district attorneys who has extensive criminal and civil trial experience.

Address: 171 Milk Street, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02109
Phone: 617-423-5959

Markham & Read

Markham & Read represents individuals and their companies in criminal and civil cases brought in the state and federal courts of many states

Address: One Commercial Wharf West, Boston, MA 02110
Phone: 617-523-6329

Martin R. Rosenthal

The office of Martin R. Rosenthal practices law in Boston, Massachusetts and Suffolk Co..

Address: 65A Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02110
Phone: (617) 245-0170

Law Offices of James J. Cipoletta

Address: 385 Broadway, Revere, MA 02151
Phone: (781) 289-7777

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