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Steakley Law Firm

Experienced, comprehensive, aggressive legal defense.

Lawrenceville, GA

Our focus is to provide attentive, comprehensive, and aggressive counsel to all clients facing the threat of criminal prosecution at affordable rates.

The Mazloom Law Firm


Marietta, GA

The Mazloom Law Firm was founded in 2004 to assist and defend people accused and/or charged within the Criminal Justice System. Based in Marietta, Ga, Mazi Mazloom uses his experience and expertise as a former Prosecutor to provide outstanding legal representation to clients throughout the metro-Atlanta area. Areas of Law -Felonies -Murder -Drug

The Law Office of Matthew W. Kilgo, LLC

Choosing the right lawyer for your firearms case can make all the difference

Marietta, GA

Kilgo Law has experience working for clients in jurisdictions all over Georgia: Matt's done it for over 20 years! As a former prosecutor and now a seasoned trial attorney, he works tirelessly to guide you through every aspect of your firearms defense. Areas of Law -Criminal Defense -Domestic Crimes -Assault -Battery -Manslaughter -Robbery -Burglary -Criminal Damage to Property -Embezzlement -Larceny -Arson -Gun

Raymond B. variety of clients. Most of the cases involve criminal defense work. this office performs a significant amount of personal inujury cases and other civil and domestic matters.

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