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Law Office of Roger P. Foley, P.A.

Experienced and prepared for trial when you want to fight your criminal case but we are willing to plea bargain when requested to do so. We give you options and you decide the road to take because it's your case. We are here to help you!

West Palm Beach, FL

Arrested and not sure who to hire? We will review your case and give you options. There are generally two types of clients: 1) Client that wants to have their day in court and have someone tell their side of the story.

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Camadeco Law Group, PLLC

CLG Is Hired When Results Matter.

Fort Myers, FL

When results matter most, you need knowledgable, aggressive and passionate lawyers who you can count on to defend your freedom, your reputation and your future. At Camadeco & Prenger Law Group PLLC, our philosophy is simple; we fight like hell for your freedom, for your rights and for you.

Musca Law

Naples, FL

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Aiken & O'Halloran

Fort Myers, FL

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