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What’s Really In Your Employment File: Why you Need to See It

Category: Worker Rights, Workers Compensation

1. Let’s say you believe you have a claim for discrimination.


You’ve been Fired. Is it lawful? Unfortunately, the answer is often, “Yes.”

Category: Employment, Employment Termination

How can you tell the difference?  Read on…



When is Termination Wrongful in California? How do I protect myself?

Category: Worker Rights, Employment

Although California is indeed, an at-will employment state, that doesn’t mean that your employer can fire you for any reason.


EEOC Unlocks the Vault of Secrecy for Employees

Category: Employment, Employment

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") has just announced some fairly big changes to their complaint process.  As of the January 2016, the EEOC will release Responde


California legislator proposes addition to Equal Pay Act SB 358

Category: Worker Rights, Employment

Leaders in the California assembly announced this month the introduction of SB 1063, entitled the Wage Equality Act of 2016.


Are You Suffering Religious Discrimination in the Wake of the Paris Attacks?

Category: Civil Rights, Civil Rights

With the recent attacks in Paris, the potential threat of more across the globe, and civil war and unrest in the Middle East, there will be a lot of employees talking while at work about these events and ranting their frustrations.


Transgender Discrimination – “The Civil Rights Issue of our Time”

Category: Discrimination, Civil Rights

Those are the words spoken by Vice President Joe Biden to the mother of a transgender woman in 2012, when she asked for his help.