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The Performance Improvement Plan: PIP or IED?

Category: Wrongful Termination and Layoffs, Employee Rights

It sounds like such a positive, constructive approach: Give an employee with performance deficiencies a plan to become a more successful and valued contributor. Unfortunately, performance improvement plans (PIPs) are more often used as a manager's improvised device to sabotage a subordinate's future at the company, an “IED” on your career highway. What should you do in response?


Constructive Discharge: An Outlaw Employment Separation?

Category: Wrongful Termination and Layoffs, Wrongful Termination, California

The "take this job and shove it" outlaw cry of the ‘70s doesn’t help employees much when it comes time to collect unemployment insurance or sue an employer for wrongful termination.


California EDD Unemployment Insurance – Real Money at Stake

Category: Unemployment Benefits, Employment Termination, California

The employee-friendly days at California Employment Development Department (EDD), the state agency that handles unemployment compensation claims, seem to be over. California’s staggering jobless rate and budget deficit have drained the state’s unemployment insurance trust accounts, reported to have a funding deficit in the billions of dollars


Hostile Work Environments, Harassment and Discrimination Claims by Employees

Category: Harassment, Workplace Safety and Health

Anyone who has suffered harassment by managers and co-workers knows how negatively it affects the quality of the employment relationship – often turning the workplace into a "hostile work environment." These behaviors can turn a dream job into a waking nightmare.


When Unfair Termination is a Wrongful Termination in California

Category: Wrongful Termination and Layoffs, Wrongful Termination, California

Anyone doing online research will find an endless number of articles about wrongful termination claims in an “at will” employment jurisdiction like California. Typically, the facts that give rise to these lawsuits involve  civil rights violations, sexual harassment, retaliation, or breach of employment contract.


Severance and Separation Strategy for Employees

Category: Employment Law, Severance Agreements, United States

When it comes to employment severance, the majority of questions I receive, and engagements I take, seem to start with what I call strategy & feasibility questions. "What should I do first?" and they end with...