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Hawaii's Payment of Wages Statute

Category: Health Insurance and Retirement Benefits, Compensation and Benefits, Hawaii

Hawaii’s Payment of Wages law, HRS Chapter 388, does not address the minimum wage or circumstances under which overtime pay is earned.


Comparing the Federal Family Medical Leave Act and Hawaii Family Leave Law

Category: Time Off Work, Time Off Work, Hawaii



Sex Discrimination Claims in Hawaii

Category: pregnancy workplace discrimination, workplace discrimination, Discrimination and Harassment, Discrimination, Hawaii

While federal and Hawaii state law permit both men and women to file gender discrimination claims, most claims are filed by women.


Social Media: Workplace Policies and Risks

Category: social media in employment, Employment Law, Workplace Safety and Health

Employers and employees alike use social media for business and personal reasons.


Hawaii Employment Law Basics: Hawaii Sick Leave Law

Category: hawaii employment law, sick leave, Time Off Work, Time Off Work, Hawaii

Under Hawaii law, paid sick leave is a discretionary benefit. Employers aren't required to offer paid sick leave, except under the Hawaii Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) program.


Hawaii Family Leave Law

Category: family leave, Time Off Work, Time Off Work, Hawaii

The Hawaii Family Leave Law (HFLL) requires employers with at least 100 employees on each working day of 20 or more calendar weeks in the current or preceding calendar year to provide up to four we


Wrongful Termination Claims in Hawaii

Category: Wrongful Termination and Layoffs, Wrongful Termination, United States

The majority of employment relationships can be divided into three categories:


Workplace Violence: Employer Restraining Orders and Injunctions Under Hawaii Law

Category: Employment Law, Workplace Safety and Health, Hawaii

While workplace violence cannot be eliminated completely, Hawaii employers should take steps to prevent, reduce, and effectively manage actual and potential violence along with all other health and


Age Discrimination Under Federal (ADEA) and Hawaii Law

Category: adea, age discrimination laws, EEOC and ADEA Protection, EEOC and ADEA Protection, Hawaii

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”) applies to employers who employ 20 or more employees.  The ADEA prohibits: (1) discharging or discriminating against...


Hawaii Employment Personnel Records Law

Category: Employment Law, Workplace Safety and Health, Hawaii

Personnel and related records present risk to employers if not stored, maintained, and disposed of appropriately.