How do I reschedule a naturalization (citizenship) interview?

What to do when you really can't make your scheduled naturalization interview


I have been scheduled for a naturalization interview, but will be unable to make it on that day. How can I reschedule?


If at all possible, you should attend your naturalization interview on the day it is scheduled. Trying to reschedule can produce confusion and delays of many weeks or even months. However, if you truly cannot make the scheduled appointment—for example, because of a medical or family emergency—you can ask for a new date.

Whatever you do, do not simply skip the interview date. If you do, USCIS is likely to close your case. Then you will have to start all over again and reapply.

To request a reschedule, write to the office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) where the interview was scheduled and explain the situation, requesting a new interview date. Enclose a copy of the interview notice that USCIS sent you.

You can use the sample letter, below, as a guide. (Do not send the letter to the same address that you first sent your application—that is a USCIS Service Center, and once it has transferred your file to your local USCIS office, it has no power over your case.)

In order to qualify for a new interview date, you will need to show that you are prevented from attending for reasons beyond your control. “I’m not ready” is not an acceptable excuse. (If you simply have not prepared adequately, we recommend that you attend anyway; see My naturalization interview is next week, but I’m not ready! for details.)

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