Georgia Tenant Rights to Withhold Rent or "Repair and Deduct"

Find out Georgia's rules on rent withholding and repair and deduct.

Georgia does not have statutes on rent withholding or repair and deduct remedies for tenants, but Georgia courts recognize a tenant's right to repair and deduct.  

Repair and Deduct

Courts in Georgia have held that when a landlord fails to respond to repair requests after a reasonable time, tenants can hire a competent repair person to perform the needed repairs. The cost must be reasonable, and the tenant may deduct the cost from the rent. It's a good idea to put your request in writing, keep all receipts and invoices, hire licensed workers if possible, and perform only needed repairs, not upgrades. For more information, see the  Georgia Landlord Tenant Handbook, 2012, Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

For an overview of Georgia landlord-tenant law, see

Also, check your local housing ordinances for any city or county rules that cover tenant rights when it comes to repairs. Contact your local building or housing authority. To find yours, call your mayor or city manager’s office or check your city or county website.

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