Renters' Rights

Every rental comes with questions, if not outright problems. Does the landlord have to repair the sticking door? Can your rent be raised any old time? If your roommate skips out, are you on the hook for the whole months rent?

For plain-English answers you can trust, check out this free online edition of Renters Rights, by national experts Marcia Stewart and Janet Portman, J.D. You can browse the text of any chapter for free, using the table of contents to the left. If you want to buy a copy of this book (print or eBook), just visit our store.

Were posting this book for free because housing is a necessity of life, and even small housing problems can have a big impact on quality of life. Many Americans have urgent questions about the law that affects their rights as renters. What they dont have is a local legal expert on call to answer them. We think this is the next best thing.  

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