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Nolo is a leading provider of plain-English legal information and products for consumers and businesses. A subsidiary of Internet Brands, Nolo publishes more than 150 books and a network of websites that feature extensive free content, do-it-yourself products including forms, software and ebooks, and a consumer-friendly lawyer directory. Nolo pioneered the DIY law movement in 1971, when two legal aid attorneys set out to demystify the law for people who couldn’t afford lawyers.

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August 2016
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Can You Get a 'Secret Divorce'?
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From Fences to Landscaping: How to Share Communal Costs With Neighbors
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5 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Manage Their Finances
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12 Smart Ways to Spend Your Social Security COLA
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Huffington Post
5 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Manage Their Finances
October 29, 2014 Read Story >>

Why This Estate Planning Tool Beats Just Having a Will
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36 Things You Can Share to Save Money
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Zombie foreclosures taking a bite out of property values
July 10, 2014 Read Story >>

Chicago Examiner
Paying renters libility insurance can be tricky for tenantsApr. 6, 2014
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